Sentimental Graffiti 3x4 The Other Seasons

NONE Sentimental Graffiti 3x4 The Other Seasons

Marine Entertainment MMCM-5003
2800 yen (5% tax included)
released 1998.02.21
total time 57:00

This is the second Sentimental Graffiti vocal album. It contains 5 songs and some drama tracks.

The tracks are:

  1. 2:18 Introduction
  2. 5:48 Talk drama 1 (Emiru, Kaho, Honoka)
  3. 4:59 Aozora [青空] (Emiru, Kaho, Honoka)
  4. 5:51 Talk drama 2 (Chie, Manami, Wakana)
  5. 4:38 Girl Friends (Chie, Manami, Wakana)
  6. 4:34 Talk drama 3 (Taeko, Asuka, Rurika)
  7. 4:45 Itsuka Kitto Ieruhazu [いつかきっと言えるはず] (Taeko, Asuka, Rurika)
  8. 5:23 Talk drama 4 (Yuu, Miyuki, Akira)
  9. 4:49 Crescent Moon (Yuu, Miyuki, Akira)
  10. 1:15 Interlude - 12 voices
  11. 6:36 Ending - Tatta Hitotsu no Omoide [たった一つの想い出]
  12. 6:04 Special Talk

The Introduction track is an instrumental of Tatta Hitotsu no Omoide.

The drama tracks have the three girls talking to each other, and have stories that lead into the following song. The stories themselves aren't that related to the rest of the Sentimental Graffiti story.

Emiru, Kaho, and Honoka were outside on some hill, looking at the blue sky. Kaho made the others run, so Emiru and Honoka were tired.

Chie, Manami, and Wakana were at a karaoke place. Chie said she wanted to be a singer, Manami said she wanted to go to a college in Tokyo.

Taeko, Asuka, and Rurika were discussing Asuka's problem. Asuka couldn't tell her true feelings to the boy she liked. Taeko and Rurika told Asuka to build up her courage and tell him.

Yuu, Miyuki, and Akira were outside looking at the stars. Yuu said that she liked the Crescent Moon.

The Interlude - 12 voices has a message similar to the CM for SG by the 12 girls. Each girl says about one line, and the order that they talk is: Honoka, Kaho, Emiru, Chie, Wakana, Manami, Taeko, Asuka, Rurika, Akira, Yuu, Miyuki.

This CD version of Tatta Hitotsu no Omoide has the girls singing alone a lot more than the concert version.

For the ending special talk track, the groups of three seiyuu talk about their song (about 1:30 each).

  • 0:00 - 1:34 Mariko, Yukiko, Ai
  • 1:35 - 3:16 Chizu, Michiko, Machiko
  • 3:17 - 4:40 Junko, Asami, Hiromi
  • 4:41 - 6:04 Yuka, Yuki, Urarako

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