Dance in the Sentimental Graffiti

NONE Dance in the Sentimental Graffiti

Marine Entertainment MMCM-5005
2100 yen (5% tax included)
released 1998.10.21


The tracks are:

  1. Dance in the Sentimental Graffiti
  2. Dance Remix Medley

Track 1 is a 17 minute "disco" version of the old SG songs. There is some introduction talk by the seiyuu (lots of English too). Then some of the girls have a monologue, some girls do a short rap, and then they sing just a little bit of their song.

The order of the songs is: Furimukeba I Love You, Two Dreams, Only Lonely Star, Omoide wo Tometamamade, Kimi ga Ireba, Setsunasa no Yukue, Mizuiro no Houseki, Sweet Tears, Ichimai no Fuukei, Watashi no Motohe Aini Kite, Nichiyoubi no Oda, Long Distance Call, Tatta Hitotsu no Omoide.

Track 2 is the same thing, without the talking/singing.


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