Senti na Natsuyasumi

NONE Senti na Natsuyasumi (SG Girls)
1 Daasu no Memory (SG Girls)

Columbia COCC-15316
released 1998.08.01
1365 yen (5% tax included)


This is a song by all 12 SG Girls.

  1. [4:34] Senti na Natsuyasumi (本件民卅笙菱心)
  2. [6:26] 1 Daasu no Memory (ㄠ母□旦及礿籟礿洷猀)
  3. Senti na Natsuyasumi [original karaoke]
  4. 1 Daasu no Memory [original karaoke]
The jacket cover has all 12 girls from the game, and the back cover has all 12 SG girls (same clothes as the 12 duet CDs). The CD itself is a picture CD with pictures of the 12 characters.

Senti na Natsuyasumi is a fast and fun song (sounds like an idol group). 1 Daasu no Memory is a slow and emotional song [1 Daasu = 1 Dozen]. It's about the boy and girl parting.

There is a "parting" message (around 1:45) by all of the characters at the end of 1 Daasu no Memory.

Honoka (about their date in the spring)
Yuu (about their date in the summer)
Wakana (about their date in the fall)
Taeko (about their date in the winter)
Chie (about the time they talked about their future dreams)
Asuka (about the pictures they took together)
Emiru [All of them are precious memories.]
Rurika [We will part soon but..]
Miyuki [I won't forget you.]
Kaho [I'm about to burst into tears, but..]
Akira [I want to say good-bye with a smile.]
Manami [I believe that we can meet again. Good-bye.]

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