Sentimental Graffiti Original Soundtrack

Sentimental Graffiti Original Soundtrack

2800 yen
released 1998.02.28

The SG Original Soundtrack has a "WebSync" feature that allows you to listen to the music and see pictures (taken from the Internet) at the same time. I finally got it installed and working with Netscape 4..

There are small pictures of the seiyuu on neic's site. It figures out what day of the week it is, and grabs the files for that day. (Of course it's possible to look at the sources and such to find out where the pictures are stored.. and steal the pictures for the entire week.) There are 12 x 7 pictures (one pic for each seiyuu, each day). Many of the pictures have more than one seiyuu in them.

Too bad the pictures are so small. There are quite a few nice pictures. Many are from events, or recording sessions, etc.

The SG Soundtrack also has 20 tracks of music too..

  1. Title
  2. Tabidachi no Theme
  3. Hokkaido no Theme (Sawatari Honoka)
  4. Kyoto no Theme (Ayasaki Wakana)
  5. Sendai no Theme (Nagakura Emiru)
  6. Date A
  7. Hiroshima no Theme (Nanase Yuu)
  8. Takamatsu no Theme (Sugihara Manami)
  9. Osaka no Theme (Morii Kaho)
  10. Date B
  11. Nagoya no Theme (Yamamoto Rurika)
  12. Kanazawa no Theme (Hosaka Miyuki)
  13. Fukuoka no Theme (Matsuoka Chie)
  14. Love Song
  15. Yokohama no Theme (Hoshino Asuka)
  16. Aomori no Theme (Adachi Taeko)
  17. Nagasaki no Theme (Endou Akira)
  18. Omoide no Orugooru
  19. Tokyo no Theme
  20. Romance

They are probably from the game, but since I've never played, I don't know for sure. But I've heard some of them as BGM during SG events and such.

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