Sentimental Graffiti girl timeline

The following shows the time period when the "player" met each of the girls.

grade school (1st - 4th) Adachi Taeko
grade school (4th) 08 - 03 Nagakura Emiru
grade school (5th) 04 - 10 Yamamoto Rurika
grade school (5th) 11 - 03 Morii Kaho
grade school (6th) 04 - 09 Ayasaki Wakana
grade school (6th) 10 - 03 Sawatari Honoka
junior high (1st) 07 - 08 Nanase Yuu
junior high (1st) 09 - 03 Endou Akira
junior high (2nd) 04 - 07 Hosaka Miyuki
junior high (2nd) 08 - 03 Hoshino Asuka
junior high (3rd) 04 - 09 Sugihara Manami
junior high (3rd) 10 - 03 Matsuoka Chie

There seem to be some inconsistent information about the time periods. According to the monologues on some of the CDs, the time periods for some of the girls are as follows.

grade school (5th) Sawatari Honoka
grade school (6th) Yamamoto Rurika
junior high (2nd) summer Nanase Yuu

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