Sentimental Graffiti Fan Club CD-01

Cover Sugihara Manami
Endou Akira
Hosts Konno Hiromi (今野宏美)
Nishiguchi Yuka (西口有香)
Released 1997.07.end
Time around 51 minutes

The hosts of this issue were Konno Hiromi and Nishiguchi Yuka.

Everyone came and introduced themselves. Suzuki Mariko, Oda Michiko, Yonemoto Chizu, Okamoto Asami, Toyoshima Machiko (spoke in Emiru-go), Maeda Ai, Makishima Yuki, Mannaka Yukiko, Suzuki Urarako, and Okada Junko.

Then some random talk..

Mariko and others said that they sang Honoka's song at karaoke.

There was an advertisement by Asuka about the 12 CDs.

Sentimental Report

This was a corner where the girls reported on various things. They will have guests, and even call fans. But since this is the first one, they just read some letters from the staff (NEC Interchannel producers, Kai Tomohisa, and Ohkura Raita).

Ohkura Raita suggested that they do a call, "girls: Setsunasa! fans: Sakuretsu!"

Asuka talked about Tokyo Gulliver, an amusement center in Matsudo.

Cover Girls Message

This is a corner where they talk with the girls on the cover. This time is was Sugihara Manami (Toyoshima Machiko) and Endou Akira (Suzuki Urarako).

They talked about the home towns of their characters. But Machiko and Urarako had never been to Kagawa or Nagasaki. Then they talked about their own home towns Ibaraki (Machiko) and Tokyo (Urarako).

Machiko and the others said that they wanted to go to the girl's home towns for events..

Then Honoka talked about flowers in the "Honoka no hana kotoba" corner.

There was an advertisement by Yuu about SG character goods (by Banpresto) at the game centers.

Sentimental Chat Club

This was a corner where the fans send a message that they want the girls to say. But this was the first time, so there were no messages. So there was one by the staff.
It was a "cheer up message" by Nanase Yuu.

There was also a "Sentimental story" part where the girls will read a sentimental story sent in by a fan. The story can be real, or fiction. This time, there was one written by the staff, and Hiromi read it.

There was an advertisement by Taeko about Animate.


There was a good bye message by (almost) everyone. Machiko, Yuka, Mariko, Asami, Chizu, Ai, Michiko, Hiromi, and Urarako. Yukiko, Junko, and Yuki weren't there.

Then there were recorded good bye messages by Yukiko, Junko, and Yuki.

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(c) NECインターチャネル/マーカス/サイベル/コミックス イラスト:甲斐智久
(c) NEC Interchannel, Marcus, Cybelle, Comix, illustrated by Kai Tomohisa