Sentimental Graffiti Fan Club CD-03

Cover Sawatari Honoka
Adachi Taeko
Hosts Okamoto Asami (岡本麻見)
Suzuki Urarako (鈴木麗子)
Released 1997.11.end
Time around 70 minutes

The hosts of this issue were Okamoto Asami and Suzuki Urarako.

There was a letter from a girl who bought the Sentimental Graffiti CDs, and the person at the store said that she was the only girl who bought them. But Urarako and Asami said that they get fan letters from girls too.

There was a short CM by Nanase Yuu for Banpresto goods.

Sentimental Report

Asami, Urarako, Yuki, and Hiromi called some fans. They asked 3 questions, and if the fans got 2 of them right, they got a prize. The guys that Urarako and Hiromi called weren't there..

Then they called Ohkura Raita (the writer of SG novels), because there was a question, "What does the player's father do for a living?" But Raita said that he was told (by the producer) not to answer that question.

The next corner was "Manami's tea time poem" corner. Manami read a poem by Toyoshima Machiko (less than one minute).

Cover Girls Message

The guests were Suzuki Mariko (Sawatari Honoka) and Okada Junko (Adachi Taeko).

They read letters and talked about the topics requested by the fans.

Junko said she likes kiritanpo (some cut vegetable) nabe.

Urarako worked part time at a family restaurant before. It was one where the waitresses were allowed to talk to the customers.

Mariko said that she has a jinx about her part time jobs. The stores where she worked all went bankrupt after she quit. She had worked in clothes stores, restaurants, etc..

Junko worked as a kigurumi girl and the emcee at the kigurumi shows for 4 years. Since she is short, Junko did a lot of the little characters. She said that it was very hot inside the kigurumi costumes. In one 30 minute show, she loses about 1 kg. But since she ate a lot after that, she ended up gaining weight. Junko said that the little kids punched and kicked her, especially when she wears the "bad guy" characters in Anpan-man.

There was a CM for Animate by Rurika.

The next corner was Yuu's "hoshizora wo miyou" corner. Yuu talked about the stars.

Sentimental Chat Club

Asami, Urarako, and Mariko read letters (stories)..

Mariko: When did you kiss?
Asami: I haven't yet..

Anata ni Sasageru Message

Mariko read a message as Honoka, Urarako read a message as Akira, and Asami read a message as Asuka (a morning call).

There was a CM for the Sentimental Graffiti game by Asuka and Akira. they said that the date of the game going on sale was "secret".

Urarako said she took a walk the other day. She walked around her house, going down various streets randomly. She took a bunch of CDs and her camera, and walked around four 7 hours. Urarako said, "It was fun."

There will be a SG CD-ROM going on sale.

The SG concert CD already on sale, and the SG concert LD will go on sale 12/16.

There was a final message by Hosaka Miyuki and Nagakura Emiru.

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