Sentimental Journey LD Box and videos

The Sentimental Journey TV episodes has been released on VHS and LD.


The VHS tapes have one episode per video. Each video is 3800 yen, 25 minutes, stereo HiFi, and comes with a 5 minte "voice diary" CD single and liner notes.

vol 1 1998.07.25 BES-2143
vol 2 1998.07.25 BES-2144
vol 3 1998.07.25 BES-2145
vol 4 1998.07.25 BES-2146
vol 5 1998.08.25 BES-2147
vol 6 1998.08.25 BES-2148
vol 7 1998.08.25 BES-2149
vol 8 1998.08.25 BES-2150
vol 9 1998.09.25 BES-2151
vol 10 1998.09.25 BES-2152
vol 11 1998.09.25 BES-2153
vol 12 1998.09.25 BES-2154

LD box

The LD box (BEAL-1287) has 6 LDs, containing all 12 episodes, for 36,000 yen. (Individual LDs will not be released.) There are 6 CAV disks (12 sides), 300 minutes, digital stereo, and the box comes with a 60 minute "voice diary" CD and a 28 page color booklet.

Each LD has a cardboard jacket with a full sized picture of each girl on one side.

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