Sentimental Journey episode 1 Endou Akira

Episode Sentimental Journey episode 1
Title Shoujo no Tame no Violin Sonata
Air Date 1998.04.08
  • Summary version 0.9 by Hitoshi Doi, 1998.04.12

Endou Akira was on the train, holding her violin case, and thinking to herself. She almost couldn't get off at her stop. There was a guy in a car watching her. Then Akira got into a taxi.

Akira: Please take me to Saikaibashi.
taxi driver: That's far.
Akira: I have money. Take me there and back.
taxi driver: Round trip?
Akira: It'll be quick.
taxi driver: Quick?
Akira: My errand.

Then the taxi driver took off, and the other car followed the taxi. Akira was thinking in the taxi, and recalled that she had gotten second place in a violin contest.

The taxi stopped on the middle of the bridge, and Akira got off. She looked out into the sea, and suddenly threw her violin into the water.

Akira got back into the taxi, and asked the driver to take her back to Nagasaki City.

The man in the other car was very disappointed.

Akira was with two of her friends, shopping and eating ice cream. They were asking if it was really all right to be out playing, because Akira usually has lessons on Sunday. But Akira said that she let herself be "free".

Then Akira saw the strange guy watching her, and ran off. The guy shouted, "Halt!" and followed Akira in the car.

Akira escaped into a church, but the man followed Akira inside. The man went to Akira, and when she turned to face him, the man held out a violin case. It was the one that Akira had thrown off of the bridge (it had Akira's initials "AE" on it).

[During the dialogue, the man spoke German, and Akira spoke Japanese.]

The man was an Austrian pianist who played at one of the contests. Akira said that she quit, but the man said that Akira had great talent and had no reason to quit. He wanted her to go to Austria. But Akira said that God wanted it that way. She prayed that if she wins the contest, her wish (of meeting the boy again) would come true. But she had come in second place.

[flashback - Akira praying so she can meet the boy.]

[many flashbacks - 3:30 of just violin BGM, no talking! but there were some subtitles..]

The flashbacks were of when Akira was in junior high, and practicing violin. The boy was with her, and sat nearby while she practiced.

Akira won the 38th Junior High violin contest, but the boy wasn't there to watch her.

[end of flashbacks]

[CM break]

When Akira was at home cleaning up her violin things, the pianist came to her house. But Akira wanted to avoid the man, as she didn't want to play violin any more.

Akira left the house, and walked by the pianist. The pianist asked Akira to at least take back the violin, but Akira didn't want to. Akira said that she wanted to return to being a normal "joshikousei" (female high school student). She said she couldn't play any more because there isn't anyone that she wanted to play for. The pianist looked in his dictionary to see what "joshikousei" meant.

Later Akira was playing tennis with her friends. The pianist was in his car watching her (sort of like a stalker). Then a policeman came up and asked what he was doing (in English). The pianist spoke mostly in German, with his only Japanese words being "joshikousei"..
[Akira is cute in tennis wear!]

Akira spotted the pianist, as he was apologizing to the policeman.

Later while Akira was going around the city with her friends, the pianist kept following her. Akira kept looking around, and noticed that he was always there.

At night Akira was in the bath, thinking about the situation..
[a bath scene!]

At school, Akira went to the library and was looking in a German dictionary.

That day, Akira got home very late, and the pianist was waiting for her. He shouted out, "This is the last chance!" The pianist was going back to Austria the next day.

Akira headed up the stairs to her house, but then turned around and came down to talk to the pianist. She shook hands with the man, spoke in German, and apologized. Then they said good-bye, and the pianist drove away.

The next day, Akira was watching TV, but nothing interested her. Then she got a phone call..

Akira went out near her old junior high. When she came close, she remembered the time when she was with the boy. Akira was very happy and felt that she would win the violin contest.

Then Akira heard the sound of a violin. It was coming from the junior high. Akira started running down to the school. The sound of the violin sounded like.. It couldn't be..

While she was running, Akira remembered that she was playing the violin because she liked to play.

When Akira reached the old music room and opened the door, she saw the pianist playing the violin.

Then Akira got tears in her eyes, stuck out her hands, and asked for her violin. She said that she would go to Austria.

[the ED has scenes from the episode]

[Sentimental Journey TV series]

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