Sentimental Journey episode 2 Matsuoka Chie

Episode Sentimental Journey episode 2
Title Kakenai Love Song
Air Date 1998.04.15
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Chie was on her motorcycle, speeding. A group of band members were practicing at an empty warehouse in a port. They were waiting for their leader, Chie.

Chie arrived at the warehouse, and they all practiced. After the practice, they all went to a coffee shop. Chie had written a new song, and it was a fast song, as usual. Ryuu (one of the band members) had written a new song too.


The "boy" left Fukuoka before the school festival.

[end of flashback]

When the band members left the store, there was a lot of female fans waiting for them (all of them waiting for Chie). Chie got a lot of presents. Chie's brother complained, and then Chie left on her motorcycle, leaving her brother behind.

At home, Chie was in the bath. Then Shingo (her brother) came home, and talked to her.
[Chie didn't complain about Shingo opening the door to the bath.]

Later that night Chie called Ryuu, and asked if they can meet the next day to talk about the new song. But Ryuu said that he was busy. So they decided to meet one hour early for the next practice.

That night Chie had a dream. Chie was on stage, ready to perform. But the drummer (the boy) left the stage and walked out the door. Chie went after him, but couldn't reach him. Then the boy went off on the shinkansen.

The next day, Chie went to eat super hot curry. When she was walking around in the city, she spotted Ryuu. Chie saw Ryuu giving a MD to a girl.

[CM break]

It was the day of practice, but Chie was late. Chie told Ryuu that she saw him with his "girl friend". But Ryuu said that it wasn't. Then Ryuu ran off.

Chie was shocked, as she had thought that she knew everything about her group members.

The next day, Chie was on her motorcycle. While waiting for the traffic light, she spotted Ryuu and the girl. Chie followed them, and went into a coffee shop. She listened in on their conversation.

Ryuu and the girl were talking about his music career. The girl was from a record company, and was surprised that Ryuu had written a love song. Ryuu said that the band members all wanted to do it, but their leader didn't write any love songs.

At the next practice session, Chie said, "I'm sorry. I didn't understand. I'm quitting."

Then Chie took off on her motorcycle. Ryuu chased after her.

But Chie was going wildly and was going to crash. Chie swerved to avoid a collision, but she went off into the ocean.

As Chie was drowning, she had a flashback to the band at the school festival.

When Chie woke up, she was in a hospital bed. She found out that Ryuu had saved her, but he had broken his finger.

Then Chie rushed to Ryuu. Chie apologized to Ryuu, as she thought that she had destroyed his career. But Ryuu said that it was his right pinky, so he would be all right.

At the next live, Chie announced that they would do a love song. It was the lyrics that Chie had written for the school festival.

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