Sentimental Journey episode 3 Nanase Yuu

Episode Sentimental Journey episode 3
Title Hoshifuru Yoru no Tenshi
Air Date 1998.04.22
  • Summary version 0.9 by Hitoshi Doi, 1998.04.25

[The episode opens with a narration by Mitsuishi Kotono!]

Yuu got off at an almost deserted train station. A couple of the local high school boys stared at her.
[Yuu was wearing her school uniform.]

Later, it was late at night, and a young woman [voice by Mitsuishi Kotono] was drinking beers in a train, alone. The train was almost deserted. She overheard a drunk man talking to a high school girl, picking on her. The high school girl (Nanase Yuu) was also alone.

Then the woman went up to the drunk and started fighting with him, telling the guy to stop. But the guy grabbed the woman. Then Yuu noticed that the train was stopped at the man's station. She calmly told the guy that there would be no way to return if he missed his stop (as it was an express train), so the guy rushed off the train.

Then the woman went to sit with Yuu. She started drinking more beers [brand = Starbeer]. She also offered Yuu a can of tea.

The woman talked a lot, about guys, as Yuu just sat quietly and listened. She said that she had just separated with a guy, that she had been seeing for eight years.

Yuu kept saying that there was a thing as "pure love". But the woman said that there wasn't. Yuu said she believed in it. The woman said that she doesn't believe in it.

The woman tried to sleep, lying down on the seats.

[CM break]

When the train got to Shin Osaka, Yuu got off the train. She said that she was going to take the shinkansen to Hiroshima.

After a while the woman decided to go after Yuu. She wanted to talk to Yuu some more. She looked all over the shinkansen, and finally found Yuu, as the train was about to leave. The woman sat down next to Yuu.

woman: You said there is pure love?
Yuu: Yes.
woman: Then show me.

Later Yuu showed the woman around Hiroshima, and the woman started drinking again.. [cup sake from a vending machine]

Yuu said that it was the night when they can see the shooting stars.

Then they sat down in a park, and the woman introduced herself as Serizawa Kotone. Yuu introduced herself too, but Kotono fell asleep, on Yuu's shoulder.

That evening, they went to eat okonomiyaki.
Kotone: Why is seeing the stars pure love?

Then Yuu told Kotone about her previous meeting with the boy.

Yuu: If I can see the shooting stars, I feel I can see him sometime.

There was a TV in the okonomiyaki store, and the news said that there was a typhoon approaching that evening. Kotone said that it was too bad that Yuu couldn't go see the stars. But Yuu said that she was going.

That evening, Yuu and Kotone went to the harbor to catch a boat to an island (which would be a good location to see the stars, if the weather wasn't bad). It was getting very stormy, but the boat wasn't canceled. Yuu and Kotone were able to take the last boat to the island.

It started raining. Kotone said that they wouldn't be able to see anything. But Yuu said that she was going. She started walking into the woods, up into the mountains. Kotone said that it was no good. She said she was going to return, but Yuu just kept walking.

Then they reached the top, and it was still raining.
Kotone: Give up!

But Yuu didn't move. Then the rain suddenly stopped, and the sky opened up. Kotone couldn't believe it. The clouds separated.

Then a shooting star flew down. Kotone saw it. Then there were more and more shooting stars across the sky. Kotone and Yuu looked up into the sky, holding each other's hand.

The next day, Yuu said good-bye to Kotone, and they parted.

Kotone turned back to ask Yuu her name, but Yuu was nowhere in sight.

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