Sentimental Journey episode 4 Sugihara Manami

Episode Sentimental Journey episode 4
Title Binetsu Shoujo
Air Date 1998.04.29
  • Summary version 0.9 by Hitoshi Doi, 1998.05.17

Manami was in a hospital, looking out the window. She was talking to herself, in a poem-like manner. She had overheard something that she didn't want to hear.

Manami was in the hospital for simple testing, but the stay had gotten longer. When she was walking to the toilet, Manami overheard the doctor and nurse talking. The doctor said that it wasn't easy to tell her parents.
[But nothing specific was ever said.]

Manami thought the worst, and thought that she was going to die soon.

Then a bird flew into the window, and crashed to the ground. Manami rushed outside to the bird. She thought that the bird was similar to "that" bird..


The boy and Manami were taking care of a sick bird.

[the "boy" talked during this flashback sequence, but his voice wasn't the same as in the previous drama..]

Then Manami became sad and started crying. Manami recovered and decided to leave behind something to show for her existence.


The boy spotted Manami's notebook, where she wrote her poems. Manami was embarrassed, but the boy said that it was great.

[end of flashback]

At night Manami was writing her poems. Then the nurse came and found her. Manami told her about the poems, and said that she wanted to write 100 poems and make it into her poem collection. Manami said that she had written 95 poems so far.

Manami thought to herself that she had to hurry because she didn't have much time left.

[fade into poem - "machiawase"]

Manami was waiting for the boy, who was a little late. The boy arrived, and Manami quickly turned around, acting like she was upset. Then the boy apologized and "like magic" popped out some flowers. Then Manami became happy.

[end of poem]

The next day three of Manami's classmates came to see her. They talked for a while, and they gave Manami a little toy talking bird.

Manami wondered why her friends came. She had told them that it was just simple testing. Manami thought that they had come to say good bye because she was going to die.

[CM break]

[fade into poem - "hajimete no senobi"]

Manami and her friends went to the sea on a train. The "boy" was there too. Then they went on a boat, and Manami got some udon and brought it for the boy.

Manami and the boy walked along the beach together, at sunset. When they were walking, their hands touched. Then they stopped walking, and faced each other. They looked into each other's eyes. Then Manami stood on her tip toes..

[end of poem]

The young doctor came to see Manami, as the old doctor was out. Manami was surprised, and blushed.
Young doctor: Nuide. [take off your clothes]
Manami: Eh?
Young doctor: Nuide.
Manami: Ano..
Young doctor: Nuide.

Then Manami said that it wasn't necessary to check her, as she knew she wasn't going to survive. Then the nurse scolded Manami.

Manami: Haaai.

Manami started unbuttoning her pajamas..

[scene change! fade into poem - "fuusen no kimochi"]

Manami was a princess, who was kidnapped by the young doctor.
Manami: Will you come after me? I can't tell your feelings.. I feel unsure. Please grab my feelings. Please grab my body.

[end of poem]

Manami started looking at some old pictures. She wondered what the boy was doing. She wanted the boy to come to her.

[fade into poem - "never ending dream"]

Manami and the young doctor were getting married.. But then the boy came into the church and took Manami away.

Manami married the boy, and lived in a nice house. After seeing the boy off to work, Manami sat on the porch and wrote poetry, while drinking tea..

[end of poem]

Manami started crying, with tears falling into her notebook.
"It can't end like this.. I don't want to give up. I'll endure anything. I have to tell the doctor to do anything to cure me."

The next day, her parents were with Manami, and the doctor came to tell everyone the results of the test. The doctor said that there was nothing wrong with Manami. Manami's parents and Manami couldn't believe it. The doctor said that all of this worrying gave Manami a slight fever for the past few days.

Manami left the hospital next next day.

Later, Manami went back to the hospital to get some medicine.
[She was wearing her sailor fuku.. VERY cute!]

She showed her poems to the nurse, Makihara Tsugumi. Tsugumi said that it was nice that Manami had such a wonderful first love She said that she couldn't even talk to the person she liked.

Then as Manami ran off (very genki), she told Tsugumi to try hard to get the young doctor..

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