Sentimental Journey episode 5 Morii Kaho

Episode Sentimental Journey episode 5
Title Yuujou no Tsuutenkaku Special
Air Date 1998.05.06
  • Summary version 0.9 by Hitoshi Doi, 1998.05.22

Kaho was running during track practice. Her friend Kyoko said that she was hungry. Then Kaho took her to her okonomiyaki store, and made an okonomiyaki for her.

While she was eating Kyoko looked up at a sign for a super large okonomiyaki, called the Tsuutenkaku Special. It was one that people had to eat in under 30 minutes. Kyoko said that she wanted one to take out, but Kaho's grandmother said no.

Then Kaho asked her to treat them if they won the relay at the upcoming tournament. Kaho's grandmother initially said no, since they had a very good chance of winning. But she agreed. Then Kaho got psyched up for the race. But Kyoko looked a little disturbed.

Kaho told Kyoko about the boy..


Kaho was in 5th grade, and running with the boy. They were practicing for the relay race. But right before the race, the boy moved away. So Kaho was never able to hand the baton to the boy.

[end of flashback]

Kyoko said she heard the story many times.

The next day during practice, the coach announced the relay team. Kaho and Kyoko were both selected. Kaho was happy, but Kyoko told everyone that she couldn't run. She was going to transfer (move).

Kyoko said that she would stay on the team until the end, and help coach Kaho.

At home, Kaho asked her grandmother to make a special Tsuutenkaku Special for Kyoko. But her grandmother said no. When Kaho complained, her grandmother said that she didn't mean it, and that she would make the special Tsuutenkaku Special with the help of Kaho.

Kaho practiced the relay everyday. Kyoko was there measuring the time, but things weren't going well. The baton handing from Kaho to next next runner wasn't going well. Kyoko realized what was wrong, but she couldn't say it.

After practice, Kyoko was going to say something to Kaho, but she just asked Kaho if she could help pack. Kaho said that she would go for sure, even if she had a date, because Kyoko was her best friend. Then Kyoko commented that Kaho wouldn't have a date anyway..

[CM break]

While packing in Kyoko's room, Kyoko and Kaho just looked at old photo albums and played around. Kaho didn't help much in packing..

At night, when they were saying good bye, Kaho was about to cry. But she ran off, after telling Kyoko that she would go see her at the train station the next day.

When Kaho was catching her breath on a bridge, Kyoko caught up to her.

Kaho: Did I forget anything?
Kyoko: I'm the one who forgot. Something very important.
Kaho: What?
Kyoko: Forget about him.
Kaho: What?
Kyoko: The reason why the relay doesn't go well is because of him.
Kaho: What are you talking about?
Kyoko: When you're passing the baton, you're not watching the next runner. In your heart, you're watching him.
Kaho: Why.. why..
Kyoko: When I became your coach, I realized it. The combination is important for a relay.
Kaho: Why do you say such a thing? You know I got this far because of him.
Kyoko: I know..
Kaho: I was able to go to the National Championships because he was in my heart. You must know..
Kyoko: I know..
Kaho [screaming out]: Then how can you say this so easily!
Kyoko: It's not easy, stupid!
Kaho: Stupid Kyoko! Go move to Wakayama or wherever!

Then Kaho ran off. She cried on the train home.

The next morning, Kaho was in her bed, while her grandmother was cooking the Tsuutenkaku Special. But Kaho said that Kyoko wasn't her friend any more.

Meanwhile Kyoko and her father was getting ready to leave Osaka.

At 7:15, Kaho got a call from Kyoko. But Kaho didn't answer the phone. The answering machine kicked in, and Kyoko started talking. She apologized to Kaho.

Then Kaho rushed for the phone and tried to talk to Kyoko. Then Kaho ran down the stairs, grabbed the okonomiyaki (that her grandmother had wrapped), and dashed outside. Just then Kaho's grandmother's car pulled up. They took off and headed for the train station.

Kaho's grandmother went speeding though the back roads. But when they started getting close, the street got very crowded, and the car couldn't move.

There was only 7 minutes until Kyoko's train was going to leave. Then Kaho got out of the car and ran for the station.

Kyoko was in the train, looking around, but not finding Kaho..

Kaho got to the train station, jumped over the ticket gates (not paying), and rushed up the stairs to the train platform. But the doors of the train had closed, and the train had started moving. Kaho called out for Kyoko. Then Kyoko heard Kaho's voice and opened the window.

Kaho spotted Kyoko and started running for her. [The train was already moving pretty fast and Kyoko was way ahead of her.]

Kaho ran along train, and Kyoko was reaching for her. Kaho was running with the package of okonomiyaki out in front of her. Then she finally reached Kyoko, and handed the okonomiyaki to her.

Kyoko took the okonomiyaki and told Kaho that this was how it should be done (the passing of the baton). Then the train went speeding away, and Kaho crashed into the fence at the edge of the train platform.
[Running at that speed, Kaho should have gotten seriously injured..]

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