Sentimental Journey episode 7 Yamamoto Rurika

Episode Sentimental Journey episode 7
Title Chuubu Sensen Ijou Ari!
Air Date 1998.05.20
  • Summary version 0.7 by Hitoshi Doi, 1998.07.01

[Rurika and others spoke in Nagoya-ben (or something close to it).]


Rurika was sleeping at home, as she pretended to be sick. She didn't want to go to school.

A couple days earlier, Rurika and the boy were at school cleaning up. Rurika wanted to hurry up and go home, so she ran while she was carrying a box. But she tripped and fell, dropping the fossil that was in the box. The fossil crashed to the ground, and broke into several pieces. Rurika was worried and didn't know what to do. The boy said, "Let's go apologize together."

But Rurika was too scared to go to school, so she pretended to be sick. Finally Rurika went to school. But by that time the boy had moved away, and transferred to another school. Rurika's friends told her that the boy apologized for breaking the fossil, and he said that he dropped it by himself.

[end of flashback]

Since then, Rurika told herself that she wouldn't tell any more lies.

Rurika went to work in place of Masahiro, her twin brother, as he couldn't go to work. But Masahiro was worried about Rurika. He told her to work well in his place.

Rurika was working at the cash register in a convenience store. There was a girl with glasses sneaking around just outside of the store. Rurika wondered what the girl was up to.

After all the customers left the store, the girl rushed in and went up to Rurika. Rurika was very scared. Then the girl left an envelope and rushed back out. The letter (a love letter) was addressed to Masahiro.

That night, Rurika told Masahiro what happened, and he said that he remembered that girl.


A couple years ago, Masahiro was working at the Nagoya Dome. There was a foul ball that was headed toward a girl. But Masahiro stuck his hand out and caught the ball to protect the girl. Then the girl (Imanaka Kasumi) fell in love with him. She gave Masahiro her phone number, and asked him to call her. Masahiro said that the girl was cute.

[end of flashback]

When Rurika asked him why he had a different girl friend now, Masahiro said that he lost the piece of paper during the game.

Kasumi had come all the way from Tokyo, as Masahiro had appeared on TV, when he was working at the convenience store. Then Rurika called the hotel, and told Masahiro to talk to her. But he didn't want to, and he locked Rurika outside (on the balcony).

Then the phone connected to the hotel, and Kasumi answered. Since Masahiro was gone, Rurika had to talk to Kasumi.. and she pretended to be her brother. Kasumi said that she was going to the USA for an operation, and wanted to see Masahiro for the last time. But Kasumi said that Masahiro must already have a girl friend. Then Rurika said that "he" would see her, just for one day. So Kasumi promised to meet the next day, at 10 AM. But Masahiro had a date the next day!

The next day, Rurika dressed up as her brother, and got ready to go meet Kasumi. Then Masahiro said that he would be able to switch with her for just a while, and he would explain everything to Kasumi. He also gave Rurika his hair string, and Rurika tied her hair just like her brother.

Rurika ran to meet Kasumi, and when they met Kasumi said that she was very happy to meet "him".

[CM break]

Rurika acted as Masahiro, and they went on a date to the amusement park. They played together and went on many rides.

When they were on the ferris wheel, Kasumi asked if Masahiro went to watch a lot of baseball games with his girl friend. But Rurika answered that "he" didn't have a girl friend. This made Kasumi very happy, and she asked if she can hold his hand.. Then Rurika said it was ok, and they held hands.

Then they went to the Ice World amusement, where it was very cold inside. When they got out, they both wanted to go to the toilet. They both headed toward the women's toilet. But Kasumi pointed "Masahiro" to the men's side.. Rurika decided that she would wait, and go to the women's side after Kasumi. But Kasumi came out right away, saying that it was very crowded. So Rurika had to go to the men's side.

Then they ate ice cream together, and Kasumi was getting happier and happier.

Then they went to the aquarium. When they were going to pay, Kasumi showed her school ID, and Rurika was about to show hers too. But since her identity would be known, she said she forgot her ID and paid the adult fare.

Rurika noticed that it was 2:30, and was wondering why Masahiro didn't call. But then she discovered that her phone had run out of batteries.

Meanwhile Masahiro was trying to call Rurika, and getting upset because he couldn't get through.

Rurika called Masahiro on the pay phone, and said that there wasn't enough time to change, so she would go through the entire date herself.

Then Rurika went back to Kasumi, and they ran into the aquarium. But Rurika bumped into a sign, and fell. All of her stuff fell out of her bag. When Rurika got up, she was facing a large fossil, just like the one she dropped when she was in 5th grade. Rurika just stood there for a while.

Then Kasumi picked up Rurika's stuff and handed it to her.
[She must have seen Rurika's ID, but she didn't say anything.]

Rurika thought to herself that she didn't want to keep "lying".

After they got out of the aquarium, Kasumi thanked "Masahiro" and asked for one more request. She kissed "Masahiro" and said, "I wanted my first kiss to be you." Then Kasumi walked off.

But Rurika grabbed Kasumi's hand, and told her the truth. She talked in her own voice now. But Kasumi said that she knew. She said she felt "his" hand was too small when she held hands.

Then Kasumi made her own confession. She had to go to the USA for an operation, but it wasn't her own operation. She had an uncle at Pennsylvania University, who was going to perform an operation. Kasumi wanted to be a nurse, so she was just going to watch it.

Rurika was shocked and fell over.

At night when Rurika explained what had happened, Masahiro couldn't believe it.

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