Sentimental Journey episode 8 Hoshino Asuka

Episode Sentimental Journey episode 8
Title Dreams Will Never Die
Air Date 1998.05.27
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Two guys were sitting in a bar. They were talking about the ko-gals (high school girls). They were very disappointed in them. One of them was the producer of the "My Fair Lady" contest. A long time ago, he said that every girl can become a "lady" with training. The other guy said that he wanted to believe it. But the producer said that the dream has died.

The other guy (Tazaki) said that any girl can be a lady with environment and training. But Oki (the director) said that he didn't believe it. He said that the current high school girls were a different species.

On a different day, Oki was waiting at a family restaurant. Tazaki came, and then called the waitress. But the waitresses were all talking among with themselves.
[The waitress outfits were similar to those at Anna Millers.]

Eventually Asuka went to their table and took the order. Tazaki asked for royal milk tea. Asuka wasn't really paying attention, and said "milk tea". When Tazaki repeated "royal milk tea", Asuka said "milk tea" again. Then Tazaki pointed out that "royal milk tea" and "milk tea" were different. He showed Asuka the menu, and Asuka finally realized that they were different. Then since Asuka couldn't figure out how to cancel the order, she ran off to ask the other waitresses.

Tazaki said that even Asuka had some ladiness in her. Oki asked if he wanted to make a bet. There was going to be a contest in one month, and he asked if Tazaki could turn Asuka into a lady by then. Oki offered a plate that Tazaki had really wanted.

Oki read out the information that he had gathered on Asuka.
Name: Hoshino Asuka
Three sizes: 80-60-86 (estimated)
Class ranking: 238 out of 252, always barely passing. Will skip school to line up for new goods on the day of sale. Super "me-her".
[me-her = following current trends, TV, idols, songs, fashions.]

Asuka chose Seika Joshi high school because the school uniform reminded her of a game character. She started working at the family restaurant for similar reasons.

One morning, Tazaki was waiting for Asuka near her home, as Asuka ran to school. Asuka had a backpack on her back, over her school uniform.

Tazaki asked Asuka if she wanted to become "an angel of the silver screen". But Asuka didn't know what a "silver screen" was. Then Tazaki told her it was a movie, and gave Asuka his name card (Tazaki was a producer for Dream Arts Productions). He said that he was scouting her.

Asuka recognized Tazaki Tatsuya's production, and asked if she can be on TV and meet lots of famous people. Tazaki said that she can, and she can sing and take pictures for her picture collections in a foreign country. Then Asuka said that she would do it.

Tazaki said that she would have to stop being "me-her". Asuka said she would. Tazaki said she wouldn't have any days off. Asuka said that it was all right. Then Tazaki said that the lessons would be tough. But Asuka said, "No problem."

Asuka said that she was busy that day, so she would start the next day. Then Asuka gave him her card, and ran off.

The next day, Asuka met Tazaki to start the training. They sat in an empty room, and Tazaki said that Asuka would have to become a lady. But Asuka said that it didn't suit her.

Tazaki asked Asuka to tell him about her love life. Asuka answered in a high school girl "dialect". Then Tazaki taught her how to speak properly, pointing out the correct words and intonations to use. Asuka took notes very seriously.

Then Asuka talked again, this time closer to normal Japanese. Tazaki kept teaching her, and at the end of the day, Asuka was able to speak normal Japanese (even more polite than average).


Tazaki took Asuka to a traditional tea house. There was a female teacher, who was going to teach Asuka.

The teacher asked Asuka to walk on the seams of the tatami. Asuka did it without any problem. Then they went outside and the teacher walked on a thin stone bridge over a small pond. She told Asuka to follow her. But Asuka fell into the pond.

The teacher said that the bridge was the same width as the tatami. She asked why Asuka fell in. Asuka said that she thought she would fall in. So the teacher said that she shouldn't think about falling, and she won't. Then Asuka got up and tried again. She fell in, but she kept trying over and over.

Tazaki was watching, and thought that it was going to be hard. But the teacher said that she had already passed, because the hardest part was not being afraid of failure.

Then Asuka finally made it across the bridge without falling.

Later when Oki called Tazaki, Tazaki said that things were going "so so". But Oki said that when Tazaki says that, it means things are going great.

Tazaki and Asuka went to buy a bathing suit, because they needed it for the contest. Asuka chose a yellow, flower design one piece. She was embarrassed to wear it, and Tazaki was embarrassed to look at her.

On the night before the contest, Tazaki called Oki, and said he feels that she will be able to do it.

Tazaki and Asuka (dressed in a very fancy dress) went to a fancy restaurant. Asuka said that she was nervous and couldn't sleep the previous night. She almost fell asleep while sitting at the table.

Then Asuka dozed off and spilled the coffee. But instead of panicking, she calmly asked the waiter for a towel. Asuka said that she failed, but Tazaki said that she had passed. He was confident in her.

That night, Tazaki called Asuka. Asuka answered the phone in a very polite voice. She said that she might not be able to sleep, and Tazaki suggested that she drink some hot milk.

Asuka said that she had changed so much, and thanked Tazaki.

When Asuka was sleeping, she turned on the radio.

The next day at the contest hall, Tazaki and Oki were waiting for Asuka.

Meanwhile the portable phone in Tazaki's car was ringing.

It was almost time for the contest, but Asuka wasn't there. Tazaki finally realized that he didn't have his phone. He called Asuka, but there was no answer.

The contest began without Asuka. Tazaki couldn't believe it. "Where are you Asuka!"

The contest ended, and Tazaki was in shock.

Later (many days later), Oki called Tazaki to the family restaurant. Tazaki said that he gave up on the plate, but Oki had brought the plate. Tazaki said that he had lost, but then Oki told Tazaki about Asuka's "promise".

Oki found out that Asuka had made a promise to go to a movie with a friend when she was in junior high. But Asuka got sick, so she couldn't go. By the time Asuka recovered, the boy had moved away.

On the day of the contest, the same movie that Asuka was going to see was playing, and it was the final day of the run. There was also a message on the radio from some guy saying that he wanted to make that promise come true.

So Asuka had gone to the movie theater to wait for the boy. She sat at the theater all day, through every showing, alone. The message on the radio was probably for a different couple. But Asuka had believed in her dream.

Oki said that Asuka was very lady-like. He also told Tazaki that Asuka had tried to contact him. (Right after the contest, Tazaki had to go away on business.)

Then Asuka came by to take the order. She apologized to Tazaki. Asuka talked very politely. She was a totally different person from the first time they met.

Asuka said that later she will go to him and try to get into his world (the world of show business). Tazaki said that he would be waiting.

Then Asuka left the table. Both guys were smiling.

Then they heard Asuka drop the tray and scream out..

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