Adachi Taeko

Sentimental Graffiti character collection drama CD
Adachi Taeko
Banpresto BPAM-001
not for sale
released 1997.10.end
total time 11:01

The tracks are as follows.
  1. 0:34 Morning call
  2. 2:15 Drama 1
  3. 2:25 Drama 2
  4. 3:27 Drama 3
  5. 0:47 Oyasumi call
  6. 1:33 Seiyuu free talk ( Okada Junko (Ľ) )

seiyuu free talk

Junko talked about sailor fuku. In her junior high and high school, she wore a blazer, so she really wanted to wear a sailor fuku. In the past, Junko did a role as an extra (in a movie or TV?) and she wore a sailor fuku. She was happier at wearing the sailor fuku than meeting the movie stars.

Junko likes Taeko's blue sailor fuku, and wants to wear it..

Junko recently wore Hoshino Asuka's sailor fuku (a Seika Joshi High School uniform), and was very happy. She even took a picture, but this is a secret..

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