SG Girls 12 Alls Last Concert

SG Girls 12 All's Last Concert

Columbia COVC-6185
4800 yen
released 1998.10.01
total time: 100 minutes

LD: Columbia COLC-3319
released 1998.10.21

This video (and LD) contains all of the songs by the SG Girls at the Sentimental Graffiti final concert. It does not contain the songs done by Watanabe Kaoru at the beginning of the event.

There is also some behind the scenes video. But this is different from the video and LD. Some of the talk from the concert is included, but most of it has been cut.

The contents of the video (with approximate times) is as follows.

  • "making of"
    scenes of the crowd lining up outside of Nakano Sun Plaza.
    scenes of the seiyuu arriving at the hall.
    some scenes of the seiyuu in the dressing room before the concert.
  • [2:20] Senti na Natsuyasumi (all girls)
  • a little bit of talk
  • [10:00] Sky Tower de Aimashou (Konno Hiromi)
  • [14:10] Stained Glass no Mukou Gawa (Suzuki Urarako)
  • [19:50] Kare to Kanojo to Sunglass (Nishiguchi Yuka)
  • [24:20] Gekka Bijin (Oda Michiko)
  • [29:10] White Calendar (Suzuki Mariko)
  • [33:40] Billiken-san ga Iru (Mannaka Yukiko)
  • talk with everyone (except Yonemoto Chizu)
  • [41:20] Shout! (Yonemoto Chizu)
  • [46:10] La Bridge (Okada Junko)
  • [50:50] Namida no Side Seat (Okamoto Asami)
  • [55:40] Yuuzen Nagashi (Makishima Yuki)
  • [59:50] Ultra Esper (Maeda Ai)
  • [64:30] Olive no Kaze (Toyoshima Machiko)
  • talk with everyone
  • [73:20] Senti na Natsuyasumi (all girls)
  • picture taking on the stage, waving the flags, saying good-bye
  • [82:30] Ichi Daasu no Memory (all girls) [encore]
  • final messages by everyone

There are many crowd shots during the songs, maybe too much.. (^_^;

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