SM Girls Saber Marionette J episode 9

Drama SM Girls Saber Marionette J episode 9
Title Machikado no Deai, Oyakusoku no Sesshoku
Originally aired 1995.12.30

Otaru, Lime, Bloodberry, and Cherry were eating the food that Cherry had cooked. Otaru said that it was very good, and Cherry was very happy. But Lime wasn't eating much.

Otaru: What happened, Lime? Lime!
Lime: What? What happened?

Otaru and the others had no idea what was wrong with Lime.

Otaru said that they would all go out to play to try to cheer up Lime.

Lime was wondering to herself how she can become closer friends with Otaru.

Meanwhile Muenchhausen and the sexadolls were planning another attack on Otaru. Muenchhausen said that it was Tiger's turn. But Tiger said that she didn't want to do any of Muenchhausen's stupid plans. She said that she would just go pound Otaru, and said, "Let's go!" to Panther and Luchs. But Panther and Luchs were not very enthusiastic. Tiger wondered what was wrong, but she said that she would go.

Then Muenchhausen used his voice impersonator to tell Tiger to follow his plans.
Tiger: I know that it's fake, but my body can't resist. I won't fail like Luchs and Panther. I'll kill Otaru for sure.

Luchs: Ah Otaru-sama, when I think of you, my otome kairo goes..
Panther: I feel pressured. This feeling.. What..

Otaru and the sabers were walking down the street. But Lime was still feeling depressed. Then Otaru said that he would find new clothes for the sabers.

They were going to go into a store. Then Otaru accidentally bumped into a woman who was carrying a vase. The woman dropped the vase and broke it. The woman started crying, saying that she had worked hard and saved a lot of money to buy this vase for her master.

Cherry and Bloodberry knew that this woman was the sexadoll Tiger, and knew that it was a trap. Hanagata even told Otaru that it was a trap. But Otaru said that he was very moved by this. He said that he would by another vase for her.

Lime also heard this story and decided to buy a present for Otaru, so she can become closer to Otaru.

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