SM Girls Saber Marionette J episode 10

Drama SM Girls Saber Marionette J episode 10
Title ?
Originally aired 1996.01.06

Otaru said that she would buy the vase for Tiger. (Otaru had caused it to break, and Tiger was going to give it as a present for her master.) Cherry and Hanagata couldn't believe that Otaru fell for this trap.

Otaru asked Tiger when her master's birthday was, and Tiger said that it was in one week. So Otaru said that he would work hard this week to get the money for her.

Otaru told the others to go home because he was going to find work, but Cheery said that she would work too. Otaru said that it was his problem, but Cherry and the others said that they were his saber marionettes so they would work with him.

Tiger: What an idiot for falling for such a stupid trick. But when I look into his eyes, my otome kairo.. What am I saying! I belong to Faust. I can't fail like Luchs and Panther.

Muenchhausen, Luchs, and Panther were watching this.
Muenchhausen: Ha, ha, ha. The first phase of the plan worked.
Luchs: Otaru, as expected you fell for it.
Panther: But I feel something warm in his stupidness.
Muenchhausen: Ok, we'll leave this for Tiger and move on to the second phase of the plan.

Tiger took Otaru and the others to a tea house, where her master Muenchhausen (who was supposedly in disguise) was waiting. Muenchhausen told them that he had been looking for some part time workers. So Otaru agreed to work there.

Tiger asked Otaru and the others to keep quiet about the vase. She told them that she wanted to surprise her master with the present.

Otaru: I understand. When one receives a present, it feels much better if it's a surprise.

Then Lime thought to herself that she was going to keep her present to Otaru a secret.

Then as Muenchhausen was leaving, he told Tiger not to kill Otaru until he gives her the order. Tiger couldn't understand, but Muenchhausen said that he wanted Otaru to suffer until the end.

Tiger: Shit that Muenchhausen. Well, I got Otaru to fall into this trap. I'll kill him for sure. I'm not like Luchs and Panther. This is a stupid trap, but I'll succeed for sure.

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