SM Girls Saber Marionette R episode 6

Drama SM Girls Saber Marionette R episode 6
Title Seiki no omanuke daisakusen hajimaru!?
Originally aired 1995.02.12
CD data Saber Marionette R drama 2 track 3

Dr. Lizzetta thought he found the weakness of the saber marionettes. He returned to his cave, where the sexadolls were waiting.

He told the Edge, Kyanny, and Brid to go out, but the sexadolls didn't know what the saber marionettes were. They had lost all of their memories about the past encounter with the saber marionettes, because of some bug in the system. When Dr. Lizzetta said the names "Lime, Cherry, and Bloodberry," the sexadolls got very mad.

Meanwhile in the prison where Starface was being held, he was thinking that Dr. Lizzetta would be trying some other attack. Everything was going according to his plan.

The sexadolls said that they would go out and face them without doing any stupid strategy. But Dr. Lizzetta told them that he had the disk with Starface's recording on it. So the sexadolls finally agreed. Dr. Lizzetta told them that the plan was to take Junior's virginity.

When he asked who was going to do it, Edge answered, "My body is Face's. Kyanny, you do it."
Kyanny said, "Me too. Face is the only one who can free my body. These lips (aa-n). These breasts (aa-n). Here (aaa-n). It's all Face's. So Brid, you do it."
Brid said, "I'm all Face's too. My body won't feel it, I won't get into it, unless it Face. This (aa-n). This (uuhu). This (aa-ii). I only want Face."

Then the sexadolls started arguing. So they decided to janken to see who would do it.

Meanwhile Junior and the saber marionettes were taking a walk. Cherry was still upset about what Bloodberry had done to Junior. But Bloodberry said that Junior would have to do it for real one of these days, and that they (as saber marionettes) should be his practice partner. Bloodberry also said that she didn't want Junior to be taken by someone else.

Cherry thought to herself that she wanted to be the first to have Junior. She then imagined herself with Junior in a hotel near the ocean.. Cherry was very embarrassed, but Junior said, "Cherry, no matter what you wear, you look best the way you were born."

Then when Junior called for Cherry, Cherry called Junior "ecchi" and hit him away. Since Cherry was a saber marionette, Junior went crashing somewhere. Just as Junior was getting up, there was another crash, and the sexadolls appeared.

For those who can read Japanese.. (^_^;)

あたしだってすべてフェイス様のものだ! あたしの身体はフェイス様じゃないと感じないし、燃えないんだ! こういうことも(あぁぁぁ……)、 こういうことも(うふ〜ん……)、 こういうことも(あー、いいっ……)、 フェイス様じゃなきゃいやっ!

[Saber Marionette audio drama]

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