Successful Mission (Hayashibara Megumi)

Successful Mission (林原めぐみ)

Starchild KIDA-138
1000 yen
released 1996.10.23

The tracks are:

  1. Successful Mission
  2. I'll be There
  3. Successful Mission [off vocal version]
  4. I'll be There [off vocal version]

This is the opening and ending songs of Saber Marionette J. The front cover has (in order of farthest to closest) Otaru, Bloodberry, Cherry, and Lime, in characteristic poses. The back cover has a picture of Megumi in a soft pastel yellow, blue, and white short-sleeved collared shirt.

In the Oricon singles chart, this CD single went up to number 7 with 66,450 sold.

[information provided by Joe Petrow]

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