SM Girls Saber Marionette R OAVs summary

[Summary by Kevin Lew, 1995.12.15]

I saw the entire SM Girls Saber Marionette R anime last night, and it was very moving. I'm very disappointed with it, however, because the anime keeps very little of the original intent of the series, I think. I really wanted to see more silliness with the sexadolls and the marionettes like in the radio shows.

I decided to write up a brief synopsis for some of it, just for grins. I don't think that anybody has done this before, at least, for the anime series.

Some of this information might be wrong, so feel free to correct me on the details.

General Description

Hey, note the differences between this and the radio shows. They are NOT the same.

In this particular world, there was a city named Romana. Romana had no girls. Instead they built androids for women. Some of the very lucky ones got a otome kairo -- a girl circuit. It looks just like an artificial heart, and it beats like one. How appropriate, as this is what gives androids a "heart" -- human emotions are generated from this circuit.

One day, Star Face, a total psycho, decided to take over the land. He had three sexadolls, which were VERY powerful and vicious fighting machines. Face needed to eliminate all the royal family. He had done almost everything, except for the problem with Junior, the next in line for the throne...

Unlike the radio show, the anime is VERY violent, and not very funny or very sexy. It is quite a shock to see how serious this anime is, judging even from the creepy opening sequence.

A big difference is that the sexadolls are extremely sick and cruel. All of them are true to their name, enjoying getting beaten by Star Face in their kinky sex games. They also enjoy torturing and killing their enemies. Nasty.

Character Description Addendum

She is the youngest of the saber marionettes, and serves under Junior as his companion. She is incredibly stupid. However, she is the strongest, and appears to be the most courageous of all the marionettes. She has short brown hair, and wears a yellow T-shirt and brown shorts.
She appears to be second oldest, and also belongs to Junior. She appears to be the smartest of all the saber marionettes. She has long brown hair, in long ponytails (with red ties) and a pink dress.
She is the eldest, I believe. She appears to be very skilled in combat. She actually was serving to the advisor to the king (something like that). But, she was ordered to protect Junior when the coup d'etat started. She has short blue hair and a blue outfit.
The blonde sexadoll. She appears to be the weakest in the anime, although she was considered the leader in the radio show. She gets killed first, so she can't be the strongest.
The dark-skinned, dark hair sexadoll with the white wrapping as an outfit.
The dark haired sexadoll with the classic sensor array on her head that look like rabbit ears (you've seen this--y'know, like when Nuku Nuku gets mad and her "ears" pop up). She is apparently the toughest sexadoll in this series.

Dramatic Finishes

NOTE: All the Dramatic Finishes are heavy spoilers. Also, I may have screwed up, and I might have gotten some of the details wrong. I don't own this anime.

Bloodberry volunteered to stay behind to fight while Junior and the others got away. After Brid's arm was ripped off by Bloodberry, she returns the favor: when Bloodberry was occupied with something else, Brid shoved a huge spike from behind her that went all the way through Bloodberry. She managed to pull it out, but Brid was waiting. Brid launched her last arm rocket at Junior, but Bloodberry simply extended her hand and grabbed it. Then she dove at Brid, pushing her off the mountain into a deep chasm. Brid yelled, "Let go! We'll both die!" But Bloodberry didn't care, and Brid screamed in terror as they dropped several thousand meters into the ground. There was a huge explosion upon impact. (;_;)

In order to save Romana, they had to destroy the power plant to stop the robot armies. Cherry volunteered for the mission. Kyanny was waiting, however, and began to beat the crap out of her. Then Kyanny shoved her fingers into Cherry's head and began to perform her incredibly cruel electrocution tactic as the finishing move. Cherry began seeing images--her whole life flashed before her eyes. She remembered all the times she was with Junior, and the feelings from her otome kairo gave her a huge surge of power. Kyanny was blown back, and couldn't understand where the energy was coming from. Then there was a huge explosion.

Cherry staggered away, trying to get to the generator. But Kyanny wasn't dead, either. Cherry was cornered, and she punched her arm into the wall. Then Kyanny's outfit whipped out into steel blades and they shoved right through Cherry, pinning her to the wall. Cherry wasn't fazed, and her arm that was in the wall punched into a hidden power cable. A massive amount of electricity flowed through Cherry, and went up through the blades into Kyanny. Kyanny screamed in agony and exploded from the overload. The power plant exploded as a result. (;_;)

Lime tried to attack Edge, but eventually Edge got the upper hand. It looked like Edge was going to kill Lime. But as Lime was prone on the ground, she thought about how the other marionettes had died, and she thought about her feelings for Junior. Her otome kairo suddenly raged with a massive amount of power. Edge was shocked as she Lime's eyes glowed and her face lost its expression. Lime had gone into berserker mode, and beat the crap out of Edge, and threw her through a wall. It was where Star Face and Junior were. Junior asked Lime to stop, but she wasn't herself. Lime dove at Face but Edge used her own body to protect him. Lime drove her fist into Edge's back, probably shattering her spine, and Edge slumped to the ground and died. (;_;)

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