Saber Marionette J episode 9

Episode Title
Gartlant, Minnade Ikeba Kowakunai!
[Gartlant, if we go together, it's not scary!]
Air Date
  • Summary version 0.8 by Hitoshi Doi, 1996.11.26
Gartlant (ruled by Faust) was going to try to take over Japones. Otaru was asked by the elder rulers to go destroy the computer in Gartlant so that the Gartlant sabers wouldn't function any more. Otaru didn't like war, so he refused. But the elders tricked Otaru into going (along with his three saber marionettes).

Since Lime didn't know anything about a war, Otaru told her that it was something where they would lose their loved ones. Lime became sad because she didn't want to lose Otaru. So the next morning, Lime took off by herself and headed for Gartlant to talk to Faust into stopping the war.

Luchs sent Tiger and Panther to wait in the underground tunnels, to intercept Lime. Lime got lost and wandered around in the tunnels for a long time, but a mouse that she had brought showed her the way toward Gartlant. When Lime got close, Tiger and Pather faced her.

Meanwhile, Otaru, Cherry, Bloodberry, and Hanagata were headed for Gartlant too. When they got close, they faced a wall of rubble in the tunnel, as the ground wasn't too stable and their road had been blocked.

Bloodberry sensed that Lime was in trouble. Tiger and Panther had started attacking Lime. So Bloodberry just broke through the wall of rubble and created a path for them to walk though.

Panther was choking Lime and was about to finish her off. But Otaru and the others appeared. Tiger fought Bloodberry, and Panther was going to attack Otaru. Cherry and Lime both got in front of him to protect him.

Tiger pounded Bloodberry, and buried her in some rubble. Panther pounded Lime. She also caused some rocks to cave in from the ceiling, forcing Otaru and Cherry to retreat. But then Lime's mouse came out and Panther spotted it. Panther had been in control, but she just freaked out. Panther (as well as all of the other sabers except Lime) were afraid of mice!

[This is a brief instant that Panther is sort of cute.]

Bloodberry (who was still buried in the rubble) told Cherry to use her sensors to find some more mice. Cherry didn't want to do it, but that was the only way that they would win. So Cherry spotted some mice in the level above them, and blasted a hole in the ceiling of the tunnel. Then a lot of mice came raining down at them. Panther and Tiger couldn't take it any more, and they ran away. Bloodberry and Cherry just passed out. Lime enjoyed it, saying that a lot of her "friends" had come.

Faust was very upset that the sabers from Japones had reached Gartlant. He told Luchs to go deal with it.

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