Saber Marionette J episode 14

Episode Saber Marionette J episode 14
Title Geishun! Otaru-hai Marionette Contest!
[Happy New year! The Otaru Cup Marionette Contest!]
Air Date 1997.01.07
  • Summary version 0.8 by Hitoshi Doi, 1997.01.11

It was the new year, and Cherry made some traditional food for everyone. She fed some to Otaru, and then Bloodberry wanted to feed him too. Cherry and Bloodberry started arguing. Then Lime (struggling to use chopsticks) fed Otaru. The three marionettes started arguing..

Some of the towns people came in and told Otaru that there was going to be a marionette contest. Then the three marionettes decided to join, to see who is the best.

Meanwhile in Gartlant, there was a new commander in charge of the saber dolls. Guttel ordered Luchs, Tiger, and Panther to capture Otaru's heart, so they can get him (and his sabers) to work on their side.

The 12th Marionette contest began. Hanagata was the emcee, and Otaru was one of the special guests. There were five judges from the five countries (all of them except for Gartlant).

Contestant number 1 was Lime of Japones. For her trick, she twirled an elephant on top of an umbrella. Lime got a score of 50 from the judges.

Contestant number 2 was Jacqueline of New Texas. Jacqueline was dressed in a small vest, short shorts, and a cowboy hat. (Just like the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders.) Jacqueline did some pretty sexy poses, and held out her guns. But these poses didn't do anything to catch Otaru's attention. Jacqueline got a score of 40.

[Jacqueline was Tiger in disguise.]

Contestant number 3 was Cherry of Japones. Cherry sang a very childish song, and got a score of 20.

Contestant number 4 was Lin Lun Lun from Shian. Lun Lun wore a china dress, and acted very childish and stupid. (Just like Mihoshi of Tenchi Muyou/Pretty Sami.) Lun Lun got a score of 6.

[Lin Lun Lun was Luchs in disguise.]

Contestant number 5 was Bloodberry of Japones. Bloodberry tried to do a comedy skit, as a banana salesman, but her jokes weren't funny at all. They didn't show her score.

Contestant number 6 was Ninotika Elvenof of Etelberg. She didn't talk (in order to not give herself away), and just stood there looking exotic. Ninotika looked a lot like Metel (from 999). Otaru was taken in by her and stared at her. Ninotika got a score of 40.

[Ninotika was Panther in disguise.]

[CM break]

The second session of the marionette contest was a cooking contest. They had to make a new year dish, ozouni. Cherry cooked as usual (very well), Lime just started juggling the food, and Bloodberry just started drinking sake (while burning the mochi). The three saber dolls didn't know how to cook either.. Ninotika put some hot powder, but since it wasn't hot enough, she put some gunpowder in it.

Cherry got a perfect score of 50 for her cooking. Lime presented a giant bowl with an elephant in it, and got 39.
[a joke: ozouni = o zou (elephant) ni (cooking)]

Bloodberry got 6 points with her burnt mochi. Lun Lun got 8 with some very grotesque cooking. Jacqueline was going to get a rotten score, but she posed and blew a kiss to the judges, so the judges changed their votes.. and she got a 46. Ninotika's cooking exploded when the judges ate it, so she got a 5, the minimum score.

The final competition was an ice skate board race, where they skated around the castle (on the frozen moat), get a note, and return the object that was specified on the note.

As they were skating along, Ninotika tried to cheat by using some jet power, but she went crashing into the wall as she went too fast and out of control. Then she got mad, and went back to her own self (as Panther). She threw a giant boulder down at the other racers, but Lime blocked it and caused the boulder to explode.

After the explosion cleared, Otaru's marionettes discovered that the other contestants were the Gartlant saber dolls. Guttel was watching, and ordered the saber dolls to retreat. Then Otaru's marionettes grabbed the saber dolls, twirled them around, and tossed them away (very easily.. too easily).

Then the three continued the race, while arguing which one was going to win.

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