Saber Marionette J episode 15

Episode Title
Nazo no Shoujo Lorelei
[The Mysterious Girl Lorelei]
Air Date
  • Summary version 0.8 by Hitoshi Doi, 1997.01.22
[flashback scene]

A young Ieyasu (looks just like Junior from Saber Marionette R), Faust, and Dr. Lorelai were on a space ship.. Ieyasu met Lorelai for the first time, and noticed how beautiful she was.

[end of flashback]

In the Japones historical museum, Ieyasu was staring at the picture of Lorelai.

[title screen]

The three marionettes were walking behind Otaru. They were talking out loud that they were going to eat sukiyaki. They had never eaten it before, so they were very happy. Otaru wanted them to shut up, because it was very embarrassing.

(Otaru didn't want everyone to know how poor he was..)

Finally Otaru told the marionettes to go off and buy the food for the sukiyaki. So the marionettes went off. At each of the stores, the store owners gave a little bit extra to the marionettes, because they liked them so much.

After getting the groceries, the three marionettes walked behind Otaru.

When they came to a bigger road, they saw a puppy crossing the road. But there was a big truck coming right toward it. The truck wasn't slowing down, and the three marionettes just watched the situation.. At the last minute, Otaru dove and grabbed the dog.

After the truck went by Otaru went back to his marionettes and yelled at them. He couldn't believe that they didn't try to save the dog.

Otaru: Why didn't you save the dog?
marionettes: We would have to throw the groceries onto the ground.
Otaru: What is more important?
Bloodberry: The sukiyaki. The sukiyaki that YOU eat. I don't want to see you eating dirty food.

Cherry said that she recorded this incident in her data, so that she wouldn't make the same mistake over again. But Otaru couldn't believe it. Just then Baikou and Tamasaburou came, and told Otaru that Ieyasu wanted to see him.

Otaru and the marionettes went to the Japones historical museum to see Ieyasu.

They all went to the picture of Lorelai, and looked at it with Ieyasu. Ieyasu told them that it was a picture of a human girl. Lime, Cherry, and Bloodberry all noticed that each of them had some similarities with Lorelai. Then Otaru stared at the picture and started to blush. When the marionettes pointed it out to him, he told them to wait outside.

Otaru told Ieyasu about the dog incident. Ieyasu took Otaru to the basement, and they stopped in front of a large tube. This was what Ieyasu wanted to show Otaru.

[CM break]

In Gartlant, a mean looking guy with goggles was with Faust. They were talking about a strategy to attack Japones, and torture Ieyasu.

In the basement of the Japones historical museum, Ieyasu and Otaru were in front of a large tube, which contained a tree, and three super deformed figures of Lime, Cherry, and Bloodberry (almost as if they were little monkeys). Ieyasu said that Lime has grown 56%, Cherry 65%, and Bloodberry 58%. Otaru was surprised.

Otaru: Why did the marionettes come to me?

Then Ieyasu told Otaru about the hope of mankind, the resurrection of women. He said that Terra 2 didn't have a future without human females. Ieyasu said that when Lime and the marionettes fully grow, the human females will be revived.

Otaru didn't understand..

But then some bombs went off, and the museum caught on fire. Otaru and Ieyasu tried to get out, but the fire was raging all around them.

The marionettes were outside and saw the fire. They quickly tossed the groceries and went in for Otaru. They easily went though the fire and saved Otaru and Ieyasu.

When they got out Otaru and Ieyasu were all right, but Ieyasu ran back toward the flames, shouting, "Lorelai's picture!" Otaru grabbed him and tried to hold him back. But Ieyasu cried and cried. The three marionettes saw this, and Lime asked, "Otaru, can I go? I want to go get it." The marionettes had very serious looks on their faces.

Then Otaru said, "Go get it!" and the marionettes ran into the flames.

The museum burned down, and the marionettes were all brown and burnt. Ieyasu was looking at the remains of the picture..

Lime: I'm sorry.

Then Ieyasu went to the three marionettes and hugged them.

Ieyasu: Thank you. I lost Lorelai's picture, but I gained a better treasure.. three of them.

Otaru: What should I do?
Ieyasu: Just do as you are doing now. They are growing for sure.

Meanwhile, Faust was standing in front of a picture of Lorelai.

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