E Yume, Miyou!

̴褦 (-ҤȰ׻)

Polydor PODX-1008
released 1996.05.25
1000 yen

This CD contains image songs for Kaitou Saint Tail.

The songs are as follows.

  1. E Yume, Miyou! (̴褦)
  2. Koi ()
  3. E Yume, Miyou! (karaoke)
  4. Koi (karaoke)
Both of these songs are sung in the character voices. The lyrics are marked for Meimi and Seira's parts.

E Yume, Miyou! is a cool upbeat song.

Koi is a very slow, nice love song type ballad. The songs is about Meimi and Seira talking about Meimi trying to confess to Asuka Jr.

The front cover has Saint Tail and Sister Seria holding each other back to back.

The back cover has Sakurai Tomo () and Inoue Kikuko (׻) in white outfits, holding hands. Kikuko has a white ribbon in her hair and around her neck.

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