Mimori Seira

Mimori Seira () was a cute and quiet 14 year old second year junior high student at Saint Paulia Gakuin. She was born on July 3, and her sign was Cancer. Seira's blood type was B. She was 152 cm tall, and weighs 43.5 kg.

During the day, Seira was a normal student. But after class, she changed into her white sister clothes and went to the church, which is on the school grounds. There she trained to be a sister.

Seira liked English and music, and her least favorite subject in school was physical education. Her favorite food was grape fruits.

While helping out Meimi and Saint Tail, Seira dressed up in many various outfits, as can be seen in the Seira photo album.

In the anime, Seira's voice is done by Inoue Kikuko (׻).

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