Kaitou Saint Tail episode 14

Episode title Ai to Namida no Platform
[The Platform of Love and Tears]
Air date 1996.01.18
Guests John (Okiayu Ryoutarou)
Minako (Onodera Keiko)

  • Summary version 1.0 by Hitoshi Doi, 1996.01.22
  • Summary version 1.1 by Hitoshi Doi, 1996.03.10

Meimi and her school friends went to see a movie. (It was a romantic story where the lovers had to part at the end.)

The next day at school, Meimi and her friends (except for Seira) talked about the the adult love that they saw in the movie. Then Asuka Jr. came into the class and heard Meimi talking. He said that such things were stupid, and started arguing with Meimi.

That day after school, John and Minako went to see Sister Seira. John was an American who had come to Japan to ride his bike all over Japan. He had just completed his bike tour, when he met Minako. While John and Minako were talking in a park, a young boy spotted John's cool bicycle and stole it. John ran after the boy and tried to get the bike back, but the boy returned to his home (he was a very rich boy), and the guard kept John out. John tried to talk to the mother about the bicycle, but the mother wouldn't believe that her son would steal a bicycle.

John told Seira that he didn't want to go to the police, because it was just a little boy. But he also said that his bicycle was his best friend who had gone all over Japan with him. John was planning on returning to the US that evening, so he didn't have much time. Seira said that they should pray and god would help them.

Later Seira told Meimi about John's problem. Meimi said that John and Minako were in love, and felt very good about it. But when Seira said that John was going to leave that day, Meimi got psyched up and said that she would help out.

Asuka Jr. got a message from Saint Tail telling him that she would steal the bicycle from the rich boy's house.

[the following scene might be too cute for most people to handle..]

When Meimi got home, she saw that Ruby was able to ride a bicycle. Meimi was very happy. Then Meimi's mother called her for dinner. The door opened and Ruby went flying out of Meimi's room. Ruby (and the bicycle that she was riding) crashed into Meimi's father's face. Then father used his magic to make Ruby fload in the air. Ruby pedalled around in the air.

[that magic was done by balloons holding up the bicycle.]

Asuka Jr. went to the Ninomiya mansion and went to Tatsuo's room. The boy had a huge room that was full of toys. Asuka Jr. was shocked. Then he spotted the bicycle in the corner of the room. There was a name tag on the bicycle that said Ninomiya Tatsuo.

Meanwhile Meimi transformed.

"Shu yo, tane mo shikake mo naikoto wo yurushi kudasai."
[God, please forgive me that I don't have any tricks in this.]

Seira told Meimi that John's train was going to leave at 9 PM.

Seira and Saint Tail both prayed.

"Douka watashitachi ni kami no gokago ga arimasu youni."
[Please give us the divine protection of god.]

Then Saint Tail went off.

There were lots of guards all over the Ninomiya mansion, and Asuka Jr. told them to watch out for Saint Tail. Tatsuo was playing a TV game in his room. Suddenly a little Saint Tail appeared in the TV! Then Saint Tail said, "It's show time!"

A lot of balloons appeared all over Tatsuo's room. Then the balloons caught Tatsuo.

Saint Tail said, "Don't take people's things."
Tatsuo said, "What do you mean?"
Saint Tail said, "Really? Do you remember?"

Then Saint Tail made the balloons expand and carry Tatsuo up into the air.

Tatsuo quickly said, "I'm sorry. It was such a cool bike."
Saint Tail said, "Ok, I'll forgive you."

Then as the lights went out, Saint Tail said, "It's the real show time!"

The real Saint Tail was on the balcony riding the bicycle.

"One, two, three!"

Saint Tail went off the balcony, and rode the bicycle in mid air! Asuka Junior couldn't believe it, but he saw that the bicycle was held up by balloons.

Saint Tail headed for the train station on the bicycle.

Asuka Jr. went after Saint Tail in a police car. As the police car caught up with Saint Tail, Asuka Jr. climbed out onto the roof of the car and jumped for Saint Tail's bicycle. He caught the back end and he hung onto the bicycle.

Asuka Jr. tried to climb up the bicycle to catch Saint Tail, but Saint Tail bumped him off on a billboard. Then Asuka Jr. borrowed a bicycle and went after Saint Tail on the ground.

Asuka Jr. shouted, "Saint Tail I won't let you escape!"
Saint Tail smiled, and thought to herself, "This is fun."

Saint Tail was happy, but then she realized that it was five minutes to nine, so she had to hurry.

As Saint Tail arrived at the train station, Asuka Jr.'s bike broke down and he crashed into the garbage.

John and Minako were at the station. John was in the train saying good bye to Minako. He asked Minako to go with him to the airport, but Minako said that it would be even harder for her to say good-bye.

The train bell started to ring. Just as the door was about to close, John's bike floated down from the sky in front of John and Minako. They were both very happy to see the bike. Then just as the door closed, Minako jumped into the train.

The train took off, and Saint Tail was watching the scene. Asuka Jr. arrived on a different platform and saw Saint Tail. Just as he was going to take a closer look, as Saint Tail had turned to face him, a train went by on the tracks between them. When the train had gone by, Saint Tail was gone.

The next day on the way to school, Meimi saw Asuka Jr. Meimi asked, "What happened. You don't look too happy."
Asuka Jr. said, "It doesn't have anything to do with you."
Meimi said, "Why can't you tell me?"
Asuka Jr. said, "It's an adult's love."
Meimi asked, "Asuka Jr., you're in love with someone?"

Then the school bell rang and they ran for the gates.

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