Kaitou Saint Tail episode 17

Episode Kaitou Saint Tail episode 17
Title Valentine no Heart Dorobou!?
[The Heart Thief on Valentines]
Air date 1996.02.08
Guests Shimamura Kanako (Yoshida Konami)
Ijuuin Tohru (Kanemaru Jun'ichi)
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Meimi, Seira, Kyoko, and Ryoko were walking to school. It was almost Valentine's Day, so they were talking about giving chocolate to boys (about obligatory and real). Then Kyoko asked if Meimi was going to give a real chocolate to Asuka Jr.

Just at that time, Asuka Jr. came by and said that he would rather get some nikuman or takoyaki instead of chocolate. Meimi got upset and they started arguing again.

Then Ijuuin Tohru, a first year student who was a childhood friend of Asuka Jr., came by. Ijuuin was very popular with the girls, as he was a model and appeared in many magazines and such. Kyoko and Ryoko got hearts in their eyes. Asuka Jr. didn't want Ijuuin hanging around him, but Ijuuin stuck close to Asuka Jr. Asuka Jr. also commented that Ijuuin was taller than him, even if he was younger.

Some girl from a different school came by, and gave a cookie to Ijuuin. Then she asked him if she could take a picture of him. Ijuuin said that she could, then arrogantly said that he looks best when he is looking to the right at a 35 degree angle. Asuka Jr. and the four girls left Ijuuin to go to school.

Ijuuin was in class 1-A. But he wasn't paying much attention during class..

After school, Ijuuin went to a girl with glasses (Shimamura Kanako), and asked to borrow her English notebook because he wasn't taking notes. Kanako was very nervous (and shy) and said that she would let him borrow her notes. Kanako took out a notebook from her bag, and handed it to Ijuuin. But after Ijuuin ran off, Kanako regained her composure and realized that she had given Ijuuin the wrong notebook!

Kyoko bought a lot of chocolates. She said that it was all obligatory chocolates. When Meimi and Ryoko asked who she was going to give her real one to, Kyoko said that it was a secret. Ryoko asked Meimi too, but Meimi also said that it was secret. Ryoko complained that Kyoko and Meimi were keeping it a secret, but she said that her real target was a secret too.

Meanwhile Kanako went to sister Seira. Kanako told her that she had written a lot of poems in her notebook, and that some of her poems were about Ijuuin, whom she liked. She said that she would die of embarrassment if Ijuuin read her notebook.

Later on, Seira told Meimi about Kanako's problem. Meimi said that Kanako should just confess her love to Ijuuin. But Seira said that Kanako couldn't confess as she wasn't confident enough, and also that she was just happy to see Ijuuin.
Seira: There are lots of girls who can't express their feelings truly. Even you Meimi..

Then Meimi said that she would do it.

After school, Asuka Jr. was getting ready to go home. But he spotted a message from Saint Tail. Asuka Jr. got excited, and fell down, knocking the pens around. One of the pens flew in the air, and wrote a mark on Saint Tail's message.

Asuka Jr. read the message and was shocked. It said that Saint Tail was going to steal Ijuuin's heart.
[actually is should be note (ノート), but the pen wrote an extra mark to make it heart (ハート).]

Then Ijuuin came into the room. Asuka Jr. showed Ijuuin the message, but Ijuuin didn't know what it was. He got scared, thinking that Saint Tail was going to take his heart (for a transplant or something). But Asuka Jr. quickly said that she wouldn't do something like that.

Ijuuin thought about it, and then said that he figured it out. He said that Saint Tail was going to steal his heart, meaning that she was going to make him like her, because she liked him. Asuka Jr. couldn't believe it.

[CM break]

On the way home, Ijuuin wanted to buy a present for Saint Tail. But Asuka Jr. got upset. Ijuuin asked Asuka Jr. what Saint Tail would like, but Asuka Jr. just yelled at Ijuuin.

At home Meimi's mother was making some chocolate. She still hadn't added the final ingredient, but Meimi's father came and tasted it. He said that it was delicious. Then Eimi added the final ingredient, which was her love. Gen'ichirou tasted the chocolate again, and said that it was much better. Meimi was watching her parents and said that it was embarrassing to listen to her parents.

Asuka Jr. went to Ijuuin's house, and was shocked when Ijuuin opened the door. Ijuuin was wearing a tuxedo.

Meanwhile Meimi transformed into Saint Tail.

"Shu yo, tane mo shikake mo naikoto wo yurushi kudasai."
[God, please forgive me that I don't have any tricks in this.]

"One, two, three."

Seira: Be careful Meimi-chan.

Then Saint Tail and sister Seira both prayed.

"Douka watashitachi ni kami no gokago ga arimasu youni."
[Please give us the divine protection of god.]

Asuka Jr. didn't want to give Saint Tail to Ijuuin.

While Asuka Jr. and Ijuuin were waiting inside Ijuuin's room, a large box arrived for Ijuuin. Ijuuin was very happy and brought it into his room. Asuka Jr. quickly said, "Don't bring it in!" But it was too late. The box exploded.

While the room was filled with smoke, Saint Tail came in through the window and took the notebook. Ijuuin spotted Saint Tail and rushed for her with a large bouquet. Ijuuin shouted, "Please take my heart!"

Saint Tail had no idea what was going on, but she just left out the window. When Saint Tail was sitting on the tree outside of the window, Asuka Jr. asked, "Wait! Do you like Tohru that much?"
Saint Tail said, "What are you talking about. I took the note."

Then Asuka Jr. realized what had happened with Saint Tail's message.

Saint Tail escaped, but Asuka Jr. and Ijuuin both went after her. Asuka Jr. was on a bicycle, and Ijuuin was running with the bouquet in his hands.

Then while Asuka Jr. was arguing with Ijuuin, Asuka Jr. crashed into a garbage can. Saint Tail was heading for Kanako's house. Ijuuin kept running after Saint Tail.

Kanako was eating with her father and mother. They heard some noise outside, so Kanako went out to take a look.

When Kanako was standing outside of her house, Saint Tail came and jumped over her. Ijuuin came running around the corner, and crashed into Kanako, as he was carrying the large bouquet in front of him. Kanako's glasses went flying.

When Ijuuin and Kanako stood up, Ijuuin stuck out his flowers and gave it to Kanako, thinking it was Saint Tail. But to his surprise, the girl standing in front of him was the very cute Kanako!

Saint Tail kept running away, as Asuka Jr. was still after her. Eventually Saint Tail got away, as she jumped to the other side of a draw bridge, leaving Asuka Jr. behind.

Asuka Jr. said, "Don't forget! I'll catch you for sure next time."

The next day at school, Ryoko asked Meimi why she didn't go shopping with them for chocolates. Then Ijuuin and Kanako came together. Seira noticed that Kanako had taken off her glasses. Kanako said that she was using contact lenses.

Asuka Jr. didn't know what was going on.

Ijuuin: My heart was stolen last night.
Asuka Jr.: Saint Tail!?
Ijuuin: No, Kanako.

Then Ijuuin and Kanako ran to school together.

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