Kaitou Saint Tail episode 20

Episode title Maboroshi no Kaichou no Tamago wo Torimodose!
[Recover the egg of the mysterious bird!]
Air date 1996.03.07
Guests Mochizuki Yutaka (Kashiwakura Tsutomu)
professor Mochizuki (Sawaki Ikuya)
professor Hyuuga (Cha Furin)

  • Summary version 1.0 by Hitoshi Doi, 1996.03.10

At the stairs of the school, Seira met Meimi. They walked up the stairs together to go to their classroom. Then they saw a crowd of a lot of girls. Meimi wondered what they were doing, and Seira said that maybe it was a crowd of girls around Asuka Jr. Then Meimi rushed to the girls.

[Seira sounds like she has a cold.. Kikuko probably had a cold when they were recording this.]

The girls were all around Mochizuki Yutaka, and they were holding a book and asked him to get an autograph from his father. Meimi didn't know anything about it, but Seira told her that Yutaka's father had written a popular book.

[title screen]

Later Meimi and Seira were sitting outside, and Meimi was looking through the book that Yutaka's father had written. Seira explained about professor Mochizuki, who went on an adventure to search for the mysterious red bird. Meimi said that it was very romantic.

Then a lizard landed on the book that Meimi was looking at. Meimi screamed out. Then Asuka Jr. came and made fun of Meimi. He picked up the lizard and tossed it.. but it landed on their teacher's face! The sister told Asuka Jr. that he had to clean the chicken house, before passing out.

Later Yutaka went to sister Seira. He told her that professor Hyuuga had taken the egg that his father had brought back. When Yutaka told his father about it, his father told him that the egg wasn't real. Yutaka asked if what he wrote in his book was fake, but his father said that it was real. He did find the bird and the egg. But since wild animals are very delicate, it would have died if he had brought the egg back to Japan. So he had left the egg where it was, and created a fake egg to show off.

Professor Mochizuki: But to tell the world about it, I needed something to show. I didn't know it would get this popular. A scientist shouldn't have done something like this.

Professor Mochizuki knew that if professor Hyuuga investigated the egg, he would discover that it was fake.

Later Seira told Meimi about Yutaka's problem. Seira found out that professor Hyuuga was going to tell the world about the egg on a TV program the next day.

After school, Asuka Jr. was cleaning the chicken house. Then one of the eggs exploded, and there was a message by Saint Tail. The message said that she would steal the egg from Hyuuga.

When Meimi got home, her father was watching TV. He had promised Meimi that he would show her some new magic when she got home, but he was too caught up on the TV show. Professor Hyuuga was on TV. He was saying that there wasn't such things as magic and legends and supernatural powers. Hyuuga said that everything can be explained by science. He also said that the red bird doesn't exist.
Hyuuga: Mochizuki's egg isn't real! It's fake. I'll prove it tomorrow.

Meimi's mother then turned off the TV. She said that she hated Hyuuga. On a previous TV show, Hyuuga had revealed a magician's secrets. She said that he was the enemy of a magician, and that people wouldn't have any dreams and such if there weren't any legends and supernatural things.

[CM break]

Meimi transformed into Saint Tail

"Shu yo, tane mo shikake mo naikoto wo yurushi kudasai."
[God, please forgive me that I don't have any tricks in this.]

"One, two, three."

Seira: Meimi-chan, please be extra careful this time. Professor Hyuuga has some special devices in his lab to try to catch you.

Then Saint Tail and sister Seira both prayed.

"Douka watashitachi ni kami no gokago ga arimasu youni."
[Please give us the divine protection of god.]

There were a lot of TV reporters outside of professor Hyuuga's lab. Hyuuga went out and stated that he would be able to catch Saint Tail.

Asuka Jr. and detective Asuka were already inside the lab. Hyuuga said that he didn't need them, but detective Asuka said that it was his job as a policeman to catch Saint Tail.

Asuka Jr. pointed out that the door wasn't locked.
Hyuuga: That's to trap Saint Tail. Then I'll use the secret weapon.

Hyuuga showed Asuka Jr. and his father the secret weapon. Two of his assistants came out holding stun guns. Also Hyuuga had a special light ray that can analyze humans. He turned it on and pointed the light at Asuka Jr. The computer analyzed the data and said that it was Asuka Daiki, born August 12, with blood type AB.

Asuka Jr.: So if you put that light on Saint Tail, you'll know who it is.

Professor Hyuuga also had a video camera running, so he can tape his capture of Saint Tail, and show the world.
Hyuuga: If I can't catch Saint Tail, I'll shave my head.

It was getting close to the specified time. Then Saint Tail appeared at the window of the lab. The two assistants fired their stun rays at Saint Tail. But Saint Tail jumped around all over, and the assistants kept missing. Then one of the assistants hit one of the computers instead of Saint Tail.

Saint Tail: It's show time!

Then Saint Tail let out some doves, and the birds attacked professor Hyuuga and the two assistants. Saint Tail threw some little stones at Hyuuga's camera and other devices.

Saint Tail went to get the egg and took it. As she was going to leave, Hyuuga recovered and turned on the light ray. Asuka Jr. shouted out and warned Saint Tail. Saint Tail threw some cards and destroyed the light ray device.

Then Saint Tail jumped out the window and started to float away with her balloons. Asuka Jr. went to the window and shouted out to her.
Asuka Jr.: I didn't let you escape you know. I just want to catch you without any help.

After Saint Tail had escaped, Hyuuga recovered and said, "I have her identity in my computer." Hyuuga turned on his computer and tried to see how it analyzed Saint Tail's data. But the screen was all white.

Detective Asuka went to look at the little stones that Saint Tail had thrown at the professor's devices. It was a magnet. So the magnet had defeated professor Hyuuga.

Hyuuga went to look at the video tape, but that had just noise too, as Saint Tail had thrown the magnets at the video camera.

Saint Tail went to the Mochizuki house to return the egg.

Then next day at school, Meimi and Seira met Ryoko and Kyoko. They saw more and more girls around Yutaka, asking for his father's autograph.

Asuka Jr. was in the classroom looking at the newspaper. He was laughing at professor Hyuuga, who had shaved his head.

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