Kaitou Saint Tail episode 42

Episode Title Haha no Kataki! Rosemany no Inbou
Air Date 1996.09.05

  • Summary by Kevin Lew, 2003.07.20

All the kids in school were talking about the articles in the newspaper. Saint Tail had gone on a crime spree, stealing from many people around town. Meimi said to herself that she didn't know anything about these crimes. Then Asuka Jr. shouted out that it wasn't Saint Tail but a fake. He said that Saint Tail promised that she would always leave him a note, but she never left him any. The other students were shocked by his conviction. Meimi was secretly pleased.

Meimi and Seira were talking in the church. Seira said all the victims were hypnotized into thinking that they were fighting Saint Tail. They had investigated the owner of the fortune telling shop "Pandora". They said that Rosemary had a run-in with Saint Lucifer (Meimi's mother, and the predecessor to Saint Tail). Rosemary has had a long grudge against Saint Lucifer.

When Meimi went to Pandora to talk with Rosemary and her daughter Maju. Rosemary quickly hugged her (much to Meimi's surprise) saying that she was cute. But Rosemary said that beauty was only skin deep. Rosemary knew everything about Meimi, even that she was Saint Tail and that her mother was really Saint Lucifer. Years ago, Rosemary stole things from people because she wanted to be the mysterious thief. One day St. Lucifer left an announcement note with Rosemary's real name (her last name sounds like "Hippopotamus"), saying that she was going to steal all the items back. The note was a blimp so the whole town knew her embarrassing name.

Nevertheless, Rosemary denied that she had any stolen things and laughed at Meimi.

Meimi went back to the church and was furious. She launched the blimp that her mother used to say that she was going to steal the items back. Seira mentioned that the blimp still had Rosemary's real name on it. Meimi realized that she might have screwed up.

Rosemary saw the blimp and got furious. She said that she was going to get her revenge.

Asuka Jr. was walking down the street when he was quickly grabbed and pulled into a dark alley. Rosemary had grabbed him, and quickly hugged him saying that he was cute (much to Asuka's surprise). When he asked who she was, she released magic jade dust from a bag. Asuka quickly fell unconscious. Rosemary said that she was going to use St. Tail's weak spot.

Saint Tail appeared at the appropriate time but wondered why Asuka Jr. didn't show up for the crime.

Maju was waiting for her, holding all the stolen items. But she said that she couldn't have them, and tried to use the hypnotic jade dust on her. St. Tail imagined that she was being attacked by skeletons. But St. Tail disbelieved and used her silk hat to create a wind to blow away the dust.

Asuka Jr. woke up. He wondered where he was. Rosemary was there and said that she was in her house. She showed him a one-way mirror into the other room, where he could see Maju and St. Tail.

Asuka asked, "What are you planning to do with Saint Tail?!"

She said, "Don't look away! Something's coming very soon." She grabbed his head and forced him to watch.

Asuka began screaming for St. Tail to run, but the room was soundproof.

St. Tail used magic to scare Maju instead, and she got the stolen things from her. However, Maju noticed that she was underneath a chandelier. Then she released a switch and the chandelier crashed on the ground.

St. Tail wasn't crushed by it, but the glass shards flew everywhere. One of them cut the ribbon on her hair. Apparently, this is the key to her disguise. Meimi turned and looked at the mirror. Asuka Jr. saw that Saint Tail was really Meimi. He was very shocked.

Rosemary was very smug. She said, "You always wanted to know Saint Tail's true identity. Are you pleased?"

Asuka Jr. was angry and punched the mirror with his fist. The glass broke and Saint Tail heard the noise and ran away. Asuka's hand was bleeding badly, and he looked angrily at Rosemary. Rosemary was surprised.

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