Kaitou Saint Tail episode 43

Episode Title Saigo no Tatakai! Asuka wo Sukue
Air Date 1996.09.12

  • Summary by Kevin Lew, 2003.07.20

Meimi was dreaming about herself as Saint Tail and Asuka Jr. In her dreams she said, "I don't want anything... Because you're the only treasure that I want."

Asuka Jr. had not returned to school. Nobody knew where he was. His father couldn't be informed because he was working undercover on some case. Meimi was worried, and thought about how he may have been missing since the time she raided Rosemary.

Meimi thought about it, and realized that Maju said the other night that Asuka Jr. wouldn't come for Saint Tail. She also thought about how she barely escaped from being caught. She realized that Rosemary was going to fulfill her revenge by using Asuka Jr. Meimi said that she was going to get him back.

Seira said that if she did that, Asuka Jr. would know who she really was. But Meimi didn't care and transformed without Seira's help. St. Tail said that maybe this was going to be the last theft that she would ever do. But she said that even if Asuka Jr. hated her, all she cared was getting him back. Seira understood, and she prayed to God saying, "God, Meimi has never stolen anything for herself. For this one time, please keep Meimi and Asuka Jr. safe."

Rosemary and Maju were hiding in an abandoned church just outside town.

St. Tail had Ruby deliver the note to Maju saying that Saint Tail would come to steal Asuka Jr. from them. Rosemary read the note. She wasn't nervous at all. She hoped Saint Tail would come for her. When the police came to investigate what the note meant, Maju used the dust on them and told them to go home and forget everything.

Meanwhile, Asuka Jr. was kept locked somewhere. He was treated well, but he kept thinking about how Meimi was really Saint Tail. He wondered if she did it because she had fun screwing with his head. He was very confused about his emotions.

Maju gave Asuka the note. He saw that the note mentioned him as the target. Asuka didn't know what this meant. Maju said very arrogantly, "Are you that stupid? That's not a note, that's a love letter."

Asuka thought about all the notes that Saint Tail had delivered to him. Then he remembered her saying once, "I want to be caught by you".

Saint Tail busted in a window and told Rosemary to give back Asuka Jr. But Rosemary just laughed and asked if she thought if she was going to just hand him to her. Then she released the magic jade dust. Rosemary was better than Maju, and St. Tail was hypnotized. She imagined that she was being strangled by a monster, and then it threw her out the window.

St. Tail was lying on the ground when Rosemary appeared. Rosemary didn't attack and instead made her an offer. She said that Maju wasn't her real daughter, and they were just partners because they had similar goals. She wanted St. Tail to join them, and they could become the greatest thieves that ever lived.

Meimi got mad and said, "What are you talking about?!"

Rosemary then said that it was over for her. She used the dust and Meimi imagined that she was drowning in bottomless water. But Meimi used her silk hat and shot hundreds of butterflies out of it. The illusion vanished while the butterflies flew around the area. Rosemary said that the butterfly powder was interfering with the jade dust, and she couldn't do anything.

At that point, Asuka had decided that he wasn't going to be a victim anymore. He remembered saying to Saint Tail, "Don't get caught by anybody else, because I'll be the one to do it."

He said that he wasn't a princess locked in the castle. Just then, the clock tower's bell (which should have been broken) started to ring. Maju covered her ears because it was so loud. Then Asuka tackled Maju and took away her keys so he could escape.

Meimi heard the bell and realized that this must be God's way of telling her that Asuka Jr. was in the clock tower. She used her balloons from her hat to float up the tower.

Asuka Jr. opened the first doorway that he saw and he stepped out. However, the walkway that used to be there had long since crumbled away. He slipped his footing and started to fall. St. Tail couldn't get there in time, so she used her magic wand to create balloons so it would break his fall.

But Maju was near St. Tail. She yelled, "You should be more concerned about saving yourself!" Then she threw a dagger and it popped the primary balloon that held St. Tail. St. Tail was falling and her silk hat flew out of her hands. On the rooftop below, Asuka Jr. saw this and raised his hands to catch her. He caught her, but the impact caused him to crash through the roof. They landed (somewhat unbelievably) onto one of St. Tail's balloons so they weren't hurt.

Meimi started to cry. She said, "I'm sorry... Asuka Jr., I'm really Saint--"

Asuka Jr. then hugged her tightly and said that he didn't want to know anymore.

Rosemary and Maju were watching. Rosemary said to Maju, "Let's go."

Maju asked, "But what about your revenge?"

"I'm not interested in it anymore." Rosemary turned away. "Back then, if I had a boy that loved me no matter who I was, then maybe I would have..." She stopped in mid-sentence.

"Let's go to another town and make us rich," she said to Maju. Then they left.

Eight years later, Asuka Jr. (who wasn't called "Junior" anymore since he was an adult) was now running his own private detective agency. He was visiting Seira, who was now a full nun at the church. She said that "Saint Tail" was inside.

Asuka went inside and Meimi was at the altar. Meimi, as an adult, now has short hair. Asuka then pulled out a diamond ring and put it on her left hand.

Seira, who was narrating, said that Saint Tail never did appear again. "After all," she said, "she had been caught."

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