Moero! Yuujouno Mahoutaisen

title Magical Taruruuto-kun Moero! Yuujouno Mahoutaisen
release-date 1991.07.20
running-time 40 minutes
  • Summary by Hitoshi Doi, 1992.05.12.

Honmaru and Harako fought a professional style wrestling match. Honmaru won (as usual). After the match, Iyona and Taru said that both Honmaru and Harako looked cool. Honmaru started to say that he was the one that won, but Taru said that Honmaru and Harako were friends. Then Honmaru realized that it was Harako that brought out his strength.

After the match, Harako took a shower. Then the water from the shower stopped. When the water came on again, the hot water hit Harako and made him angry. Then Taru and Honmaru came into the locker room. Harako hid. While Taru and Honmaru were taking a shower, Honmaru thanked Taru about the magic. Honmaru said that his training really helped. Harako overheard everything. He finally knew why he had lost to Honmaru in all of the matches. Harako got mad at Honmaru for using magic to defeat him. Then Harako walked out, thinking to himself. The towel around his waist fell off. The girls in the hall all yelled that Harako was a hentai.

In an old house, Harako looked for a way to call a magician through many books. Harako found one and went through the ritual. He used the magic words "oremo zuru shitengaa" to call the magician.

On the last day of class before summer vacation, Mari-sensei said that they can do anything they want during the last period. Then Harako came and performed a magic show. He pulled out three cards, and said that the ones who got the cards would get one free wish. Rui, Korekiyo, and Jabao got the cards. Jabao asked for hamburgers. Korekiyo asked for a new super famicom game that hadn't gone on sale yet. Rui asked for a dress like Cinderella's. They all got their wishes. While this was going on, Neeyo walked out of the classroom.

Later Harako fought with Neeyo, with the help of his assistant.

During summer vacation, Harako invited Honmaru, Iyona, Rui, Taru, Neeyo, Jabao, and Korekiyo to Harako-land, his family's amusement park island. Honmaru, Taru, and Iyona swam in the beautiful ocean. After surfing, Honmaru went to get some juice for Iyona. Honmaru ran into Nushiardo. Nushiardo gave some juice to Honmaru.

While Honmaru was away, Harako was talking to Iyona about the resort island. He was saying how they were going to make it even better. But Iyona said that the island, beach, ocean, and everything might have wanted it to be kept natural.

Honmaru returned with the juice. A little puppy came up to Honmaru and Taru. The dog turned into a monster (with Nushiardo's magic). Honmaru and Taru fell down. Iyona tried to run to Honmaru. Then puppy ran to Iyona. Since the dog looked like a monster to Honmaru, he threw the bottle of juice at the little dog. Just before the bottle was going to hit the dog, Harako came and kicked the bottle away. Iyona walked away with Harako.

Honmaru tried to talk to Iyona to explain. But Iyona ignored Honmaru. Iyona seemed to be in some trance. So Taru brought out his magic "Ya sunao-kun" (arrow to make one obedient). Honmaru shot the arrow through Iyona. But the arrow didn't stick. Taru said that Iyona didn't have a heart.

Then Honmaru and Taru used some magic to go into Iyona's dream (heart). Honmaru saw that it was beautiful everywhere. Then Honmaru saw Iyona thinking about Harako. Honmaru couldn't believe it. Then Taru woke up Honmaru.

When Honmaru woke up, he was dressed in a fighting costume in a ring. Harako came and attacked Honmaru. Iyona, Rui, Neeyo, and everyone else cheered for Harako. Harako said, "This is the match to determine the champion. Anything goes, even magic." Then Harako pounded Honmaru again.

While the fight was going on, Nushiardo attacked Taru. Taru couldn't get away. Then Nushiardo gave Taru a necklace that changed his voice. This way Taru couldn't use any of his magic.

Honmaru asked Harako, "Why are you doing this?" Harako answered, "To get back at you. In all of the other matches, you cheated. You used magic." Honmaru tried to explain that he used the magic only for his training, but Harako shouted, "Shut up!" and pounded Honmaru. Honmaru couldn't do anything to fight back. Harako was too strong.

At night Honmaru was thrown away with the other garbage. Honmaru was beaten up and couldn't move. He began to think that he was going to die. He felt that he couldn't help anyone, especially Taru. Then Honmaru heard the voices of the other garbage. Honmaru was surprised that he could hear these voices without Taru's magic. Then Honmaru got his strength back and went back for Taru.

Nushiardo set up some ritual to give Harako the greatest strength that she had promised. She had everyone (Iyona, Rui, Neeyo, Jabao, and Korekiyo) tied up to a pole. Then Honmaru appeared. Harako said, "What can do you do without magic!" But Honmaru pounded Harako. Harako couldn't believe that Honmaru defeated him. He asked Nushiardo for more power.

Then a lunar eclipse occurred. Nushiardo said that the time had come. She sprayed Harako with some light and Harako turned into a large evil magician Zorumuudo. [Actually Zorumuudo had come to this world and taken over Harako's body.] Then Nushiardo turned herself back into an evil witch.

Zorumuudo began started throwing the evil monsters all over. Honmaru told everyone to escape. After using Taru's magic to give him some more muscles, Honmaru attacked Zorumuudo. But Zorumuudo just flicked Honmaru away with his finger.

Honmaru thought that it was hopeless, but Taru said that there was some of Harako left in Zorumuudo. So Taru and Honmaru used the magic to go into Harako's dream. It was full of evil monsters. Honmaru tried to shoot the "ya sunao-kun" into Harako, who was in the core. But the arrow didn't penetrate all the way.

Zorumuudo appeared in Harako's dream and said that Taru's magic wouldn't work. Then Zorumuudo used more magic to create monsters that attacked everyone else. Neeyo was trying to fight off the monsters.

Taru and Honmaru got captured by Zorumuudo. Taru told Honmaru that he was friends with Harako, so he can still talk to him. Then Honmaru said, "You wanted to be a monster? There won't be a Harako Tsutomu left any more. Is that what you want? You're afraid of me. You can't beat me without any magic." Then Harako got mad and exploded out of Zorumuudo's grasp.

All of the evil magic disappeared. But the island began to crumble. Honmaru told Taru to save the others. Honmaru went back to save Harako. Taru guided everyone onto Harako's boat. When Korekiyo tried to start it, they found out that it was out of fuel. Then Taru used his magic to make the boat move, just as the island began to sink into the ocean.

After the island had completely sunk, everyone saw that Honmaru and Harako were swimming toward the boat. Honmaru said, "Let's race to the boat." Harako said that he was the world junior swimming champion and accepted the challenge.

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(c)Egawa Tatsuya/Shuueisha