Suki Suki Takoyaki!

Magical Taruruuto-kun Suki Suki Takoyaki!
(the third movie)
30 minutes
  • Summary by Hitoshi Doi, 1992.09.14.
Matsu Goro was cooking some takoyaki in his yatai in a park. Nearby a little mouse smelled the takoyaki and stuck his head out of a gutter. He came out and was going to head toward the yatai. Just then Honmaru and the gang ran over the mouse toward the takoyaki stand.

Honmaru ordered one box of takoyaki for everyone. He also asked Matsu Goro to show off his fancy cooking skills. Matsu Goro showed off and gave them a box of takoyaki. Then Taru got into the act and showed off. He tossed all of the takoyaki in the air and ate it with his long tongue. Since Taru ate everyone's takoyaki, everyone got mad at Taru. Taru apologized, but they didn't forgive him. Then Matsu Goro said that he would treat everyone, and he tossed a takoyaki into everyone's mouths. Everyone became very happy.

Harako came and said that takoyaki was just an ordinary person's food, and that Iyona should eat something at a fancy restaurant with him. But Iyona said that she liked takoyaki. She also said that she became happy when she ate Matsu Goro's takoyaki. Then Matsu Goro treated everyone with another box.

The little mouse was sneaking around the yatai. Matsu Goro gave him one takoyaki too. Mouse took the takoyaki and left.

Mimora spotted Taru and came down after him. But she ran away when she saw the takoyaki. Taru chased her trying to make her eat one. But Mimora didn't. So Taru ate it himself. Mimora became happy and hugged Taru. She said that she was happy, but she said that she would be more happy if there was no takoyaki.

Raivar was watching. He came up with the idea that if Matsu Goro couldn't make any more takoyaki, Taru would be sad and Mimora would be happy. So Raivar sent his magic bird to steal the "takoyaki soul" away from Matsu Goro.

While everyone was eating and enjoying the takoyaki, Matsu Goro fainted. Tama-chan told Taru that Matsu Goro's takoyaki soul had been stolen. She also said that if it couldn't be returned before the sun set, Matsu Goro would not be able to return to normal.

Iyona tried to make Matsu Goro eat a takoyaki, but it didn't work. Matsu Goro was just spaced out.

Taru and Honmaru went after Raivar and the takoyaki soul. They found it and fought against Raivar. But they lost it and the takoyaki soul fell toward Mimora. She used her magic to send it flying away because the soul still looked like takoyaki. Then the soul rolled down a gutter. When Honmaru, Taru, and Raivar looked down, they saw a talking mouse. The mouse had swallowed the soul.

Taru and Raivar went down into the sewer system after the mouse. Since Honmaru couldn't fit, Honmaru followed them from above, putting his ear on the ground. When they came to a covered man hole, Honmaru broke into it. But he hit Taru and Raivar and the mouse got away. Raivar fell into the running water below. Taru was hanging on, with Honmaru was hanging on Taru. When the mouse bit Taru's hand they were going to fall, but Iyona came and caught Taru's hand. She pulled them up to safety.

Taru said that he would use his magic to go after the mouse. At home, Taru turned himself, Honmaru and Iyona very small. They changed into a special suit (like a space suit). They got into a very small car and went through the toilet to go into the sewer system.

Then they saw Harako and Raivar (also miniaturized) going through the sewer system. They went after them.

Jabao, Korekiyo, and Rui carried Matsu Goro back to his apartment. Mari-sensei was riding her motorcycle and saw them. They all went up to Matsu Goro's apartment.

Tama-chan told Taru that Chu Goro had gone to the super market. So they went to the super market after him.

Chu Goro was in the super market gathering supplies for cooking takoyaki.

When they reached the super market, Iyona spotted Chu Goro. They went after him, but Raivar had been waiting and dropped a lot of stuff on Taru's car. Honmaru helped Taru and Iyona escape. Raivar started blasting them. Chu Goro caught a glimpse of Iyona and thought that she was very cute.

Honmaru told Iyona to stay where it was safe. Honmaru and Taru went after Chu Goro. They found the cart that Chu Goro had been pulling with all of the supplies. They heard a sound of a mouse. But it was Raivar making the sounds. When they went toward it, Raivar and Harako started a floor cleaning machine and attacked Honmaru and Taru. Then the machine suddenly stopped. Iyona had come and pulled the plug. Raivar got mad and started to blast Iyona. Then Chu Goro came and took Iyona away. While Raivar and Harako were fighting among themselves, Taru used his magic on a lot of brooms. Taru sent the brooms against Raivar and Harako. Raivar and Harako tried to run away, but they got blasted.

Honmaru and Taru heard Iyona screaming. Chu Goro was pulling Iyona away with all of his takoyaki supplies. Honmaru went after them, but Chu Goro got away down a food elevator.

Chu Goro cooked a lot of takoyaki for the other mice. He even cooked one for Iyona. He became very happy when Iyona said that it was delicious. Then Honmaru came with a nail attacked Chu Goro. They started fighting. When Honmaru hit the takoyaki and sent it flying, Chu Goro looked at the takoyaki. Honmaru used this opportunity to hit Chu Goro. Chu Goro got cut in the arm and lost.

Then Iyona ran past Honmaru and went to Chu Goro. She told Honmaru that Chu Goro just wanted to cook takoyaki for her. She took care of Chu Goro's injury and asked him for one favor. Taru came and asked Chu Goro to return the takoyaki soul to Matsu Goro. Iyona and Honmaru begged him too. Chu Goro recalled the nice Matsu Goro giving him a takoyaki earlier and agreed. Taru used his magic to make Chu Goro sneeze up the soul. Then Chu Goro returned to a normal mouse and ran away. All of the other mice ran away too.

It was almost sunset. Taru was flying and carrying Honmaru, who was carrying the soul. They were very close to Matsu Goro's apartment. But Raivar came and blasted them into the river. He said that he wouldn't let them get to Matsu Goro. Then Mimora came and beat up Raivar for picking on Taru.

Honmaru gave the soul to Taru and asked him to give it to Matsu Goro. Honmaru threw Taru toward Matsu Goro's apartment. Just when Taru got to the window of Matsu Goro's apartment, Mimora came and hugged Taru. But when she saw the takoyaki soul, she blasted it away. Honmaru went after it but couldn't find it in the water. Time was running out. Then Honmaru spotted the mouse carrying the soul. The mouse carried the soul in his mouth and ran up the wall into Matsu Goro's room. Just as the sun was going down, the mouse dove into Matsu Goro with the soul.

Honmaru and Taru rushed into Matsu Goro's room. When they arrived, Matsu Goro fell over. Honmaru and Taru cried thinking that they didn't make it in time and he had died. But Matsu Goro woke up, and he was himself.

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