Magical Taruruuto-kun episode 20

Episode Magical Taruruuto-kun episode 20
Title Hakugin no ski-maru!
[A super skier in the white snow!]
Air Date 1991.01.20
  • Summary by Hitoshi Doi, 1992.05.26
    [This episode took place before Honmaru died, so nobody knows about Taru's magic.]

Mari-sensei told her class that they were going to the mountains to ski. Everyone was happy, except for Honmaru. Honmaru couldn't ski.

In the past when Honmaru was little, Honmaru's father tried to teach Honmaru to ski. But Honmaru was very scared and he ended up in the hospital with a lot of injuries.

Rui asked Honmaru if he was good at skiing. He was going to say that he wasn't but Honmaru saw Iyona and lied. He told Rui that he was very good and called "Edojou ski-maru". Then Rui told everyone that Honmaru was a great skier. Iyona and Harako asked Honmaru to teach them.

When Honmaru got home, he used Taru's magic to train. Taru created a small snow hill in Honmaru's room. Then he miniaturized Honmaru, and Honmaru practiced skiing. But since Taru didn't know much about skiing, Honmaru just crashed into the garbage can.

The class took a bus to the ski resort. On the bus, Honmaru was getting worried. He wanted an accident to occur so they wouldn't arrive at the ski resort. But Iyona (who was sitting across the isle from him) said, "Let's ski together." Then Honmaru started looking for Taru. But Taru was gone.

Then the bus started swerving all over the mountain road. Taru had tied up the bus driver and started driving himself. Taru was having fun, but everyone else was being thrown around in the bus. Mari-sensei tried to grab the steering wheel away from Taru. Then the steering wheel came off. The bus spun around and crashed over of a cliff.

Everyone started to panic as the bus was falling. Harako started beating everyone up, saying that he had to survive. Mari-sensei started fighting with Harako. Honmaru didn't know what to do, but he just hugged Iyona very tightly and felt VERY HAPPY! Then Taru used his magic and gave some skis to the tires of the bus. The bus skied down the mountain to the lodge. Mari-sensei and Harako kept fighting even though they had been saved. Iyona thanked Honmaru for trying to protect her.

Honmaru asked Taru to use some magic to turn him into Edojou ski-maru. When Honmaru walked out, everyone quickly surrounded him and wanted to see him ski. Honmaru became nervous, but said that he was Edojou ski-maru. When Honmaru put on his goggles, he saw that everyone was naked! Taru and Honmaru had mixed up their goggles. But Honmaru didn't mind that much.

Mari-sensei divided the class into beginners, average people, and experts. Honmaru tried to sneak to the beginners group, but Rui, Iyona, and Harako called him from the experts side. Then Rui dragged Honmaru onto the lift. Honmaru saw that Taru was still skiing and having fun near the bottom of the mountain. Honmaru started to tremble in fear. At the very top of the mountain, there were only four students left: Honmaru, Harako, Rui, and Iyona. Then Mari-sensei said that the best person should go first. Iyona called out Honmaru's name, but Honmaru said that he wanted to go later. Then Mari-sensei called out Harako and Iyona's names. Harako and Iyona skied down the mountain. Mari-sensei said that they were very good.

Then Rui pushed Honmaru down the hill. Honmaru shouted that he really didn't know how to ski. But Rui stuck out her tongue and said that she knew all along. Honmaru started skiing down the hill. He was skiing very well and even jumped over a bump. Everyone was surprised at how good Honmaru was. Honmaru wondered why he could ski so well. Then he looked down to see the two skis. Taru had used magic on them to make them ski by themselves.

Then the two skis started to argue which one was better. The skis started going in their own directions. Honmaru headed right for a tree, but Taru came just in time and used his magic to save Honmaru. Then Honmaru crashed into Taru. They rolled down the hill. Harako saw them and started laughing. Then Taru used his magic again.

This time the two skis worked together. Honmaru jumped off the side of a cliff onto a different mountain. It was not part of the ski course because it was too dangerous. Honmaru challenged Harako to follow him. Harako got mad, because he was the world junior champion in skiing, and accepted the challenge. Then they went skiing through the forest. Then they skied down a cliff. The angle of the slope increased, until it was greater than 90 degrees, and Harako crashed.

Honmaru and Taru kept skiing. They jumped off of the mountain and flew all of the way to the Sea of Japan.

That night Mari-sensei was looking out the window. Honmaru and Taru asked her to play cards with them. Mari-sensei said that she thought she was forgetting something, but went to play.

In the blizzard, Harako was still waiting for a rescue team.

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