Magical Taruruuto-kun episode 21

Episode Magical Taruruuto-kun episode 21
Title Onsenkibunde koiuranai
[Love fortune telling with a onsen feeling]
Air Date 1991.01.27
  • Summary by Hitoshi Doi, 1992.05.26

At night in the ski resort, Mari-sensei was making a speech. She said that there was a genius skier in her class. Then she called out his name. But Honmaru wasn't listening. Honmaru was just staring at Iyona and drooling. Honmaru got called to the stage and became the hero of the class. Harako got mad because Honmaru became the hero instead of himself.

Later many classmates came and asked Honmaru to play with them. Then Honmaru spotted Iyona and Rui. He asked them to play together too. But Iyona said that Rui was going to do some fortune telling for her. Taru went with them. Honmaru wanted to go too, but everyone dragged him away.

While they were playing cards, Honmaru was thinking about Iyona and the fortune telling. He wanted to know what was going on, so he snuck out of the room and went out onto the balcony. He wanted to go to the next room, where Rui and Iyona were doing the fortune telling.

Honmaru climbed out on the ledge. It was very cold outside, and the building had snow on it.

Jabao noticed that the balcony door was open. He told Korekiyo to close the door. Korekiyo closed and locked the door.

Honmaru couldn't reach the next room, so he wanted to go back. But because the door was locked, he couldn't. Honmaru pounded on the door, but nobody heard him. He didn't want to freeze to death, so he struggled to the next room.

Honmaru was all covered with snow and peeked into Iyona's room. Rui saw a person all covered with snow, and screamed that she saw a snow monster. Rui and Iyona ran out of the room.

Everyone went to look for the snow monster. Taru looked out the window and found Honmaru lying on the ground below. Taru saved Honmaru. Then Rui and Iyona came back into the room. Honmaru asked Taru for some magic so he can stay in the room. Taru turned Honmaru into a cushion. Taru turned himself into a cushion also. Rui came back and sat on Honmaru. Iyona sat on Taru. Honmaru wished that it was the other way around.

Rui continued to tell the fortune about Iyona's future boy friend. She said that he would be tall. Then Honmaru imagined that he would grow to be very tall and be a basketball player. Rui also said that Iyona's boy friend would be rich. Then Honmaru imagined that he found oil. Rui joked that it might be Harako. Rui continued and said that Iyona's boy friend would be handsome. Then Rui said that it's not anyone in their class.

Rui said that the next card would give the initials. Honmaru hoped that his initials would come up. Just before Rui was going to pick the next card, Taru's magic ran out of time and Honmaru returned to his normal self. Rui and the cards went flying.

Rui got mad. Then Rui accused Honmaru of wanting to see them undressing. Honmaru tried to say that it wasn't so.

Honmaru was depressed and thinking by himself. He knew that peeking was not something a "hero" would do, whether it was peeking at them undressing or listening in on her fortune telling.

He went to apologize to Iyona. But Iyona said that it was ok. Iyona said that she didn't want to know too much about who would become her future boy friend.

Later Honmaru and Taru were going to the bath. They saw Harako by the entrance. When Honmaru asked if he was going to take a bath too, Harako said that he wasn't going to take a bath with other people.

Honmaru and Taru played in the very large bath. There was nobody else. Then Honmaru heard the door open. He thought Jabao and the others were coming. But Honmaru heard Rui's voice.

Honmaru realized that Harako had changed the signs for the men and women's baths. Iyona and Mari-sensei were also there. Taru wanted to go play with them, but Honmaru shut him up. Then Honmaru asked Taru for some magic to get them out of this situation, but Taru didn't have his stick that he needed to use the magic. Rui, Iyona, and Mari-sensei came closer. Honmaru and Taru ducked underwater and held their breaths. Then Taru couldn't hold it any more and came up. Iyona thought that she heard Taru's voice, but she didn't see anything.

Taru and Honmaru turned into hot water. [How did Taru use his magic?] Honmaru thought that since he was a hero he couldn't use this opportunity to peek at Iyona. Then Honmaru saw that Taru was sucking Mari-sensei's breast. Honmaru couldn't endure it any longer. Then Honmaru swam toward Iyona. But Rui got in the way. Honmaru swam by Rui and he felt very good when he touched her a little bit. So he hurried to Iyona. Just as Homaru reached Iyona, the magic ran out. Honmaru came out of the water, and Iyona screamed because of the splash.

Honmaru thought that it was all over. But at the next moment, Honmaru was outside of the bath. Taru had gotten his stick and used the magic to stop time. Then he had switched Honmaru and Harako.

Honmaru saw Harako run out of the women's bath as the girls screamed, "Pervert!".

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