Magical Taruruuto-kun episode 82

Episode Magical Taruruuto-kun episode 82
Title Minna aishichau
Air Date 1992.04.05

  • Summary version 2 by Hitoshi Doi, 1993.08.12
    [This is "visually" one of the best episodes. There are many pictures of Kawai Iyona.]

It was a beautiful spring day. Honmaru and Taru were running to school through a park. Honmaru thought that something good was going to happen that day. Then they saw Iyona walking ahead of them. They said "Hi" to Iyona. Iyona said that it was a very nice day, and that she liked the season of cherry blossoms. She started dancing around, like ballet.

Iyona looked very pretty, and Honmaru started drooling. When Iyona stopped dancing, Honmaru said that Iyona looked very pretty. Iyona tried to hit Honmaru because she was embarrassed. But Honmaru avoided Iyona's punch, and Iyona fell into Honmaru's arms. In the past, Honmaru had always been punched into walls and such because he could not avoid Iyona. But now, because of all of the training that he had gone through, he had become fast enough to duck before the punch came.

Iyona was in Honmaru's arms, and they were very close. Then a cherry blossom flower fell onto Iyona's nose, and she sneezed. Honmaru and Iyona both laughed. Then Honmaru remembered that Taru had been on his shoulder when Iyona threw her "punch". They looked back and found Taru imbedded in a wall. Iyona apologized to Taru, and Taru drank the "power up-ple juice" [upple is how Japanese pronounce apple] to regain his strength.

Iyona apologized to Honmaru for always hitting him. But Honmaru said that it was all right now because he can avoid it. Then Honmaru started to imagine what would happen if Iyona kept doing it; Iyona falling into Honmaru's arms everyday. But Taru had his megaphone to Honmaru's head, enabling him and Iyona to hear what Honmaru was thinking. Iyona became very embarrassed.

Harako, Jabao, and Korekiyo saw Honmaru holding Iyona and complained. They started arguing with Honmaru. Iyona asked them to stop arguing, and said that they were all friends. But Harako, Jabao, and Korekiyo said that they were not friends with Honmaru. Iyona asked them to remember that they were friends. Then Taru used his magic "Omoi-dansu" [the dresser to make one remember] to make everyone remember that they were Honmaru's friend.

Harako remembered the moment after Honmaru and Harako's fight. Honmaru had died, and Harako cried and said that Honmaru was his only friend. Jabao remembered the moment when he and Honmaru were holding hand and talking in a very feminine manner, saying that they wouldn't fight any more. Then Korekiyo said that he remembered he was Honmaru's friend, even before Taru used his magic.

After Honmaru and Iyona left, Harako, Jabao, and Korekiyo were left standing and they felt that something was wrong. They said that they couldn't leave Honmaru and Iyona alone together. But Jabao said that they couldn't beat Honmaru in a fight. Harako was still confident and said that even with Honmaru's fighting and Taru's magic, he would defeat Honmaru for Iyona's heart.

Later during school, Harako went up to Taru. Harako gave Taru some takoyaki, and asked Taru for some magic to make Iyona like him. (Jabao and Korekiyo were watching him.) Although Harako didn't expect Taru to help him, Taru gave Harako the "yahoreta-kun" [a bow and arrow that would make one love another] and said that Iyona would like Harako if Harako shot Iyona with it.

Later Iyona and Rui were playing with a cat outside. Harako was about to shoot Iyona. Honmaru found Harako and Taru, and tried to stop Harako. They started fighting. Then Jabao and Korekiyo came up and grabbed the arrow. All three of them had their hand on the arrow when it fired and went into Iyona's heart.

Iyona got up with a strange look in her eyes. She ran to Harako and stared at him. When Harako was going to hold her, Iyona ran past him to Jabao. Then she stared at Jabao. When Jabao was going to hold her, Iyona ran past him to Korekiyo. Then she stared at Korekiyo. Korekiyo thought that he had the best grip on the arrow when it fired. But Iyona ran past him to Honmaru. Then Iyona turned around right away and said that they were all great guys.

Rui asked what was going on. Taru and Honmaru explained. Rui got mad and said that Honmaru must have used this arrow on her before. But Taru said that he hadn't. Rui couldn't believe it and blushed and ran away.

Then they began to fight over Iyona. Honmaru tried to stop them and pushed them all down. Then Iyona went to Jabao, Harako, and Korekiyo to see if they were all right. Iyona yelled at Honmaru with a mean look in her eyes. Honmaru was shocked..

Honmaru tried to tell Iyona that she liked them because she was under Taru's magic, but Iyona got mad at him. Then Iyona went to play with Harako, Jabao, and Korekiyo. Honmaru was very depressed, and asked Taru if there was something that he could do. Then Taru said that all they had to do was wait 10 minutes, because the magic would wear off.

[Many great pictures of Iyona. Iyona running around holding a cat. Everyone chasing her.]

When Taru saw that Honmaru couldn't stand it any more, he gave Honmaru another yahoreta-kun. Honmaru got ready to shoot the arrow. But Rui got in the way. Honmaru told her to move, but she didn't. Rui was very upset and said, "What are you planning on doing with that arrow Honmaru? Don't you think you're a coward for using that to change a girl's heart? Why do you have to use that? How pitiful! Are your feelings toward Iyona like that? Are you one who has to rely on magic? You're scum!"

Honmaru realized that he was wrong and put down the bow and arrow. He thought to himself, "It's just as Ijigawa says.. Iyona-chan, I'll send to your heart my important feelings. My telepathy will reach you. I like you. I like everything about you. Even now, when you like someone else, I like you. My heart and your heart will come together in a good harmony. I'll be a man to make you happy. Even tens or hundreds of years from now. Iyona, please look at me."

[While Honmaru was thinking, there were many more great pictures of Iyona, from earlier episodes.]

Then Iyona turned toward Honmaru, Rui, and Taru. She called out for Rui and Taru to come play with her. Honmaru was shocked. Then as Taru ran to Iyona, he told Honmaru that the 10 minutes had passed already.

Honmaru realized that Iyona didn't need any magic to love everyone. "Oh yeah. Iyona is a very nice girl who is nice to everyone even without magic. I was stupid to feel jealous. I have to be nice to everyone. Otherwise I wouldn't be worthy of Iyona."

Then Iyona came up to Honmaru and asked him to play too. She said that Honmaru was "it", in a game of tag. Then she said, "Honmaru please hurry up an catch me!" and ran off.

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