Magical Taruruuto-kun episode 85

Episode Magical Taruruuto-kun episode 85
Title Ijigawa no Kyoudai Jingi
[Ijigawa's duty as a sister]
Air Date 1992.04.26
  • Summary by Hitoshi Doi, 1992.05.02

Rui and Mimora were playing shogi. Rui kept winning. Then V (Rui's younger brother) came running to them. He asked Rui for some money. Rui got mad when V touched her clothes with his dirty hands. Then Rui asked for her walkman that she had lent V. V said that he had lent it to a friend, but Rui found out that V was hiding it. When Rui looked at it, it was broken. Rui got mad and hit V. Then they started fighting. Rui said that she wouldn't give him any money. Then their mother came home. Mother scolded Rui, because she was the older sister.

Later Rui was in her room and thinking that she didn't want a younger brother. She started to imagine that if she had a nice older brother, he would have been on her side. Then Rui asked Mimora if she had any magic that would give her an older brother. Mimora took out her "kyoudai imo". Mimora said that if the boy ate half of the potato first, and the girl ate the other half, they would be brother/sister. Rui pretended like she didn't believe that it would work. Then Mimora gave potato to Rui.

Honmaru, Taru, Jabao, and Korekiyo were playing in the park. Rui went up to Honmaru, who was hiding, and asked if he wanted to eat a potato. Honmaru wondered why Rui was so nice, but accepted. He was going to split it with Taru, but Rui gave Taru some takoyaki. Taru said that he didn't want any potato, so Honmaru ate the potato by himself. After Honmaru ate the potato, Rui ate her half. Then Honmaru said, "Rui let's go home." Honmaru had become Rui's brother.

When Honmaru and Rui got home, V asked Honmaru to play soccer. The magic was working on everyone, as V thought Honmaru was his brother. Then they all played together happily.

Later they all ate dinner together. Then Honmaru ate one fried shrimp that Rui had been saving. Rui got mad because she had been saving her favorite for last. Then Rui kept yelling at Honmaru. Since Honmaru apologized, everyone told Rui to forgive Honmaru. Then mother scolded Rui, because she was the younger sister. Rui got mad and stormed up to her room.

Rui was thinking that nothing had changed even if she had an older brother. Then Honmaru went up to Rui and they started arguing. Rui couldn't take it any more and ran outside.

Rui ran to a park. Then Rui stopped and started crying. Some guys came and tried to pick up Rui. Rui kicked them and ran away. Rui then got mad and started running around the city. Rui thought that everyone hated her and that nobody worried about her. Then Rui started to walk on a bridge. Rui lost her balance and fell into the water below.

Honmaru and Taru were looking around for Rui.

Rui had been carried by the water to an underground tunnel. Rui got out of the water and sat down. She was thinking that she was going to die there because it was dirty and cold. Rui started crying.

Since Honmaru couldn't find Rui, he asked Taru for some magic. Taru gave Honmaru a special hat called "oh my god". If you say someone's name and "oh my god", the hat would carry you to that person. Honmaru used it to go after Rui.

In the tunnel, some mice ran by Rui. Rui became scared and started crying. Then she heard Honmaru's voice calling out for her.

Honmaru carried Rui home on his back. After they got to Rui's home, Honmaru said, "See you at school tomorrow," and left. Rui was going to say that they were at his home too, but Mimora told Rui that her magic only worked for 30 minutes. Rui felt happy that Honmaru came for her even if she wasn't his sister.

The next day Rui was looking forward to seeing Honmaru in school. But when Rui went into the classroom, she saw that Honmaru and Iyona were kyoudai (brother/sister). Honmaru was lying down with his head on Iyona's lap. Honmaru was saying that he wanted a sister like Iyona. Then Rui got the straw man from Taru and made Honmaru move around in strange ways.

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