Magical Taruruuto-kun episode 87

Episode Magical Taruruuto-kun episode 87
Title Ichiban daijina kiss
[The most important kiss]
Air Date 1992.05.10
  • Summary by Hitoshi Doi, 1992.09.23
    [This is the last episode of the Magical Taruruuto-kun TV series.]

It was a beautiful spring day, and there was a school party in a park. Mari-sensei was showing off her karate skills on the stage. Honmaru, Taru, Otoko, and Jabao held boards out and she kicked them. After splitting all of the boards, Mari-sensei split a pile of bricks. Everyone liked Mari-sensei's act.

Harako was next. But since he didn't come out for a long time, everyone got angry and shouted for him. Then a helicopter came with a stage. Harako was going to do a magic show. He was wearing a white cape. The assistant was Iyona in a red bunny outfit! Harako said that he was the world junior magic contest champion. Then Harako did some "simple" tricks, such as a disappearing wand, pulling things out of a hat, making Iyona float, etc. Honmaru got mad because Harako was getting a lot of attention, and Iyona was with him. Then Taru said, "Let's do a magic show ourselves." Honmaru agreed. They both got up and ran out onto the stage. Honmaru pushed Harako away from Iyona. But Taru didn't know what to do. Iyona told Taru that they should do something that would surprise everyone. Then Taru said, "Ok I'll surprise everyone!" Everyone expected some great magic.

But Taru just shouted very loudly, and said that everyone was surprised. Harako laughed and said that they should be comedians instead of magicians. Honmaru said that he might lose in magic, but he won't lose in other things. Then Mari-sensei stepped in between them and said that they should have a contest in which everyone could participate.

Korekiyo then said that they had a huge obstacle course race planned. Jabao asked for a prize. Matsu Goro said that he would give the winner all of the takoyaki that they could eat. Rui got upset because it sounded childish. Then Mari-sensei suggested that the winner get a kiss from the person that he liked the most. The person who got asked could not refuse. Everyone immediately agreed.

Harako said that Honmaru would cheat with Taru's magic. Then Ria came and said that she would make some special obstacles for Taru and the other magicians.

As the race was beginning, Honmaru was determined to win to get a kiss from Iyona. Even Matsu Goro entered so he can get a kiss from Mari-sensei.

The race began. Honmaru, Jabao, Harako, and the others got to the first obstacle, which was a log that they had to walk across. Many people fell off and were eliminated. Honmaru grabbed the log and struggled to get across. Harako, Jabao, Otoko, Mari-sensei took the lead.

The next obstacle was the many holes in the ground. But Taru, Mimora, and Raivar went flying ahead with their magic. Then Ria used some magic on them and caught them. But Taru licked Ria and they got away. Ria then created a huge pile of takoyaki. Taru ran back and started eating the takoyaki. He didn't care about the race if he had that many takoyaki. Mimora ran back for Taru, as Raivar kept running.

After getting by the holes in the ground, Honmaru, Harako, and Matsu Goro got to a bridge. There was a very mean looking dog sitting on it. They all stopped. Then Raivar came. He just ran ahead, over the dog. So everyone followed him. They all tried to jump over the dog. But the dog caught Harako.

Raivar reached the last obstacle, which was a lot of walls. Matsu Goro and Honmaru quickly ran past him. They started running through the walls. Part of the way through, Matsu Goro and Honmaru hit a brick wall and crashed. Raivar laughed and started going through himself. But Raivar reached a wall with a picture of Mimora on it. Raivar stopped as he couldn't break it down.

Then Honmaru recovered and punched through the wall. Honmaru and Matsu Goro both recovered and ran ahead. Raivar then cheated and just walked past the last wall.

Honmaru and Matsu Goro were running toward the finish line. It was an even race. Raivar tried to use his magic to blast Honmaru and Matsu Goro. But they just kept running through the blasts. Raivar kept blasting them. Ria then used her magic to make Raivar blast himself.

Honmaru and Matsu Goro both collapsed at the finish line. But Honmaru had won by a hand.

Mari-sensei asked who he wanted the kiss from. She said, "Who do you like the most?" Honmaru was very embarrassed and couldn't say anything. Everyone told him to hurry.

Honmaru was standing in front of Iyona. Honmaru said, "The person that I like the most is I.." Just then Taru jumped up to Honmaru and kissed him on the lips.

Everyone laughed. Honmaru was very disappointed. He said that it didn't count. Then Iyona said that it was a very nice kiss. Everyone laughed.

[some scenes from old episodes.]

They snapped a group picture.

[The end of the Magical Taruruuto TV series.]

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