Tokimeki Memorial Final Collection

[box] The Tokimeki Memorial Final Collection cards came out in 1999. There are 4 cards and 1 checklist in each pack (400 yen). There are 24 packs in each box (14400 yen).

There are just too many cards in this set, and they are too expensive, so I'm not going after this set.

The set consists of the following.
[This information is from the box.]

BASIC cards

Purely rainbow name file 100 1:1
Checklist   12 1:1


Puppy twinkle holo + rainbow name file 1:1
Pupil twinkle holo + gold name file + die cut 1:3
Purely Art bronze foil card 1:6
Puppy Art twinkle holo + silver file frame + serial number random
Pupil Art twinkle holo + gold file frame + serial number random
Box Bonus   1:24


Original Master Film 1:72

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