Fujisaki Shiori piano collection

NONE 藤崎詩織 piano collection

Konami KICA-7854
3059 yen (5% tax included)
released 1998.04.03
total time ??:??


This is a "piano collection", consisting of Shiori's songs arranged on the piano.

The tracks are as follows.

  1. introduction -Negai- (introduction 〜ねがい〜)
  2. Koi no Joshou (恋の序章)
  3. My Sweet Valentine
  4. Oshiete Mr. Sky (教えてMr.Sky)
  5. Koi ha Hoshi ni Todoku (恋は星に届く)
  6. Atena no nai Love Letter (宛名のないラブレター)
  7. Mebae (芽生え)
  8. Tsutaerarenai Omoi (伝えられない想い)
  9. Sotsugyou Album (卒業アルバム)
  10. Omoide no Kazu dake.. (思い出の数だけ)
  11. Negai (ねがい)

It is all music except for the final track, which is a brand new song.

Song by Kingetsu Mami (金月真美).

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