Niji Iro no Seishun (characters)

Here are the Tokimemo characters I've seen so far during game play:

  • information provided by Robert DeLoura, 1997.07.22
Nijino Saki
She's the main female character here. Manager of the soccer team. Cheering you towards your goal of becoming a Regular. Watches you practice.
Fujisaki Shiori
She's still your "known since childhood" friend. Still lives next-door. Shows no interest in you beyond that, far as I've seen. She's in your class, you can talk to her there.
Saotome Yoshio
He's in your class, and he's just like he always was.
Saotome Yumi
She's in basketball club, so you can talk to her at the gymnasium. Seems to be a minor character this time.
Himou Yuina
Seems to be a minor character. I think she may just be in for comic relief with her "world domination" plot.
Kagami Mira
I've only seen her wandering the halls with her fan club in tow. She says a sentence or two to me and then leaves. Seems to be a minor character.
Kisaragi Mio
Saki's best friend. She usually hangs out in the library. There's a double date with her and Saki (and Yoshio) early in the game. A major character. I suspect she has an ending.
Ijuuin Rei
Seemed to just be there to give the main character a hard time.
and the new one.....
Akiho Minori
Kind of a second manager for the soccer club. Has strong feelings for Saki, is jealous of you trying to "take Saki away from her". :-) A major character. At first, she is very cold towards you, but after about a week, she seemed to become more friendly, and is now quite likable. (This may have been triggered by a spontaneous 3-ball Free Kick puzzle I was given after club practice was over. I managed to clear it, and heard applause. Minori had been watching.)

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