Niji Iro no Seishun (ending)

I finished the game last night.

  • information provided by Robert DeLoura, 1997.07.24
There were some very touching scenes near the end. (Several nasty ones followed by some happy ones, which made the happy ones seem even stronger.) I think I got the "good" ending -- it was obvious that Saki had fallen for me, and I did get to play in the soccer team's first game of the season as a starting member. Since those seemed to be the two goals of the game, I guess I "won".

They kept one bit of Tokimemo-realism, though. Saki never confessed her love. She said things that made it obvious to anyone but a blind and deaf fool, but she never actually confessed. She also mentioned several times that she believed in the school's graduation day legend, and that she would confess to the person she's in love with on that day.

There is sort of a 'date album' of pictures available after you finish the game, just like in Tokimemo. They're of all sorts of people, though, not just Saki. Mostly Saki, though. And there are 'blank' photo slots to show you how many pictures you are still missing. (^_^;;;)

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