Niji Iro no Seishun (mini-game)

There's at least one more mini-game in Niji Iro No Seishun.

  • information provided by Robert DeLoura, 1997.07.24
I was on a 'date' while playing it last night, and went into a boutique with Saki. There was a wedding dress on display in the boutique, and if you clicked on it a couple of times, the proprietor made you an offer. She brought out eight colors of scarves, knit tops, and skirts. Then she picked a combination of three items, one of each type. You got ten guesses to figure out what she had in mind.

So it is basically the old 'Mastermind' game, except there are only three items in the code, they can have any of 8 settings, and you get ten tries. You get the same info to help you: "You have X items exactly right, you have Y items that are the right color but the wrong type of item."

You get to see Saki dressed in each outfit combination you try. :-)

If you win, she tries on the wedding dress for you. *^_^*

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