Dennou Sentai Voogie's Angel episode 1

Title That's! Voogie's Angel
Aired never aired
CD Dennou Sentai Voogie's Angel volume 0 track 2
  • Summary version 1.0 by Hitoshi Doi, 1996.02.05
The Angels were trying to wear kimonos. None of them liked it, because it was so awkward.

Shiori: When you wear a kimono, you're not supposed to wear underwear.
Voogie: Eh!? Really?
Rebecca: This ain't a costume party! Merrybell, are you sure Midi wants us to wear this?
Merrybell: It sounded that way.

Then Midi and Strikemyer came.

Midi: Is everyone here? What are you all doing?
Merrybell: Midi, how's this?
Midi: What?
Rebecca: What are you talking about, you're the one who told us to dress this way?
Midi: I never said anything like that.
Merrybell: But you said we will do "onsen geisha" (hot springs geisha)..
Midi: Onsen geisha!? I said onsei data (voice sample data).

Rebecca and the others got upset at Merrybell.

Midi set up a microphone to Strikemyer to take everyone's voice samples. After getting the data, everyone will be able to control Strikemyer.

Midi: Shiori, please go first.
Shiori: Me!? What should I talk about. I get nervous talking into a mike.
Rebecca: You can say whatever you like. Relax.
Voogie: Why don't you sing a song?
Midi: Don't fool around Voogie.
Midi: How about self-introductions?
Strikemyer: That's good. I don't know much about everyone. Neither does Voogie, right?
Voogie: Yeah.

Shiori: Introduction? Ok, I'm Shiori, 17 years old. I have some psychic power ever since I was born, and since I've become a cyborg, the power has been increased by the mecha. I can do a little x-ray vision or predictions. I'm working on other powers, but it's not going that well.
Voogie: So, you have some power of predictions. Can you predict if we can defeat the SE?
Shiori: I can't look that far into the future. The future is always changing. There are futures where we defeat the SE, but there are also futures where we lose. The only thing I can predict is what is right in front of us.
Rebecca: Of course, if there was such a super psychic, we would have defeated the SE a long time ago.
Shiori: My hobbies are reading and cooking. I'm not good at sports, and I'm not that good at fighting or shooting. Was it ok to say such a thing? I'll try hard not to pull down the Angels. Was this ok, Myer?
Strikemyer: Yeah, I recorded your voice prints.

Midi: Then Rebecca, you're next.
Rebecca: Me. Umm..
Voogie: You're nervous! You're nervous!
Rebecca: Shut up! My name is Rebecca, 18 years old.
Voogie: An old woman!
Rebecca: Voogie!
Midi: Voogie, please be quiet, the voice prints will get all messed up.
Rebecca: I don't have any special powers like Shiori, but I'm built to handle any kind of battle. I have lots of confidence in fighting and shooting. I was rebuilt the most among the Angels, and most of my body is mecha. So my power is great.
Voogie: So you're just a war otaku!
Rebecca: War otaku?
Merrybell: Yeah, that's right. When we're doing hard training, Rebecca looks so happy that it's scary.
Shiori: In the middle of the night I saw her practicing her shooting alone, and she was smiling to herself. It was a little scary.
Voogie: What a dangerous girl..
Rebecca: My hobbies are sports, dressing up, and shopping. How's this?
Strikemyer: Ok, Rebecca.
Voogie: You're using polite language to Rebecca.
Strikemyer: She's scary..

Midi: Merrybell, you're next.
Merrybell: I'm Merrybell, 16 years old. Until now, I was the youngest so they teased me. I'm happy that Voogie joined.
Shiori: We weren't teasing you..
Rebecca: You're just too naive..
Merrybell: I don't like fighting, and I'm bad at it. Also I'm no good with mecha. The other day I was using the gun the wrong way and blasted a hole in the ceiling of the lab.
Voogie: She's smiling, and saying some scary things.
Rebecca: Yeah, that's why she's scary. I almost got hit many times when she was practicing her shooting.
Shiori: I got shot.
Merrybell: My hobbies are writing poetry and eating cake. Ask me anything about the cake stores in aquabase. Also everyone says I have a double personality, but I have no idea what they are talking about. Sometimes I loose my memory in the middle of the battle, and when I recover, everyone tells me that I caused all of the destruction. But I don't remember anything.
Rebecca: The wild Merrybell is unmistakably the strongest. She becomes a ball of energy and goes wild until everything is destroyed.
Shiori: She has a strong sense of self preservation.
Voogie: Maybe she's just hysteric.

Midi had already registered her voice, but she introduced herself.

Midi: My name is Midi Zagarl. My duty is to ride in Strikemyer and analyze the data and provide communications with everyone. I'm not a cyborg, so I can't fight. But I'll try my best with all of you for mankind.

Strikemyer: Then the last one is Voogie.

Voogie: It's finally my turn. Hello everyone, I'm the leader of the Angels, Voogie!
Rebecca: Leader?
Shiori: Oh, we're a team but we didn't have a leader.
Voogie: Isn't that so? So I'll be the leader. Anyone else wanna do it?
Shiori: Rebecca?
Rebecca: Let her do whatever she wants.
Voogie: Nobody? Then I'm the leader of the Angels! But the Angels isn't such a good name.
Rebecca: Ok, ok. How about introducing yourself?
Voogie: I'm the leader of the Voogie's Angel. I'm the youngest cyborg. I woke up from my operation just one week ago. It's great to be young!
Voogie: My specialties are.. are.. What were they? Oh, I've only been a cyborg for one week. I'm going to make up my hobbies and specialties from now on.

Midi: Is it really ok with a leader like this?
Shiori: Instead of a leader, she's like a mood maker.

[by the way, everyone had a different BGM during their introductions.]

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