Dennou Sentai Voogie's Angel episode 2

Title Mezameyo Chouzetsu Senshi!
[Wake up, excellent fighter!]
Aired never aired
CD Dennou Sentai Voogie's Angel volume 0 track 3
  • Summary version 1.0 by Hitoshi Doi, 1996.02.05
The doctors were finished building/reconstructing the A5 cyborg, and they let it sleep as they were finished with the surgery.

Voogie woke up and discovered that she wasn't wearing much. She said that her costume looked like that of a waitress in a lingerie pub. She also found out that her arms and legs were bound to the bed with chains. Voogie pulled hard, and broke the chains.

When she went to the door, the door was locked. She knocked on the door for a while, and broke down the door.

Meanwhile the Angels (Rebecca, Shiori, Merrybell, Midi) were talking about cake. Then the sirens went off. Midi got the data and found out that there was an escapee.

Dr. Crimt appeared on the communicator and explained the situation.

Dr. Crimt: The anesthetic wore off much sooner than expected, and the new cyborg A5 escaped. Her name is Voogie.

Dr. Crimt: Go out and get her.
Rebecca: You don't expect us to catch her with our bare hands.
Dr. Crimt: You can use weapons. But think carefully about where you are. Also don't damage Voogie's life unit.

Dr. Crimt signed off.

Rebecca: If possible..
Shiori: Rebecca, she's one of us.
Rebecca: But she doesn't think that way. If she starts going wild in the city, what's going to happen? Even if she's a teammate, right now she's a dangerous battle cyborg without a memory.

Then the Angels went out after Voogie.

Meanwhile Voogie was walking around the city. The people were looking at her funny because of her clothes.

people: That's cosplay!
people: It's very ecchi.
people: She must be an anime fan.
people: I saw something like that in a comic..
Voogie: What are you all staring at!

Voogie [to herself]: Where am I? My headache isn't going away.. How can I go home.. Home? Where was my home? My home.. I don't remember. I don't remember my address or anything. Why?

Then Voogie ran into some punks. They started arguing and the punks tried to pick her up. They even pulled out a knife, but Voogie pulled out a laser blade and cut their clothes. Then the punks ran off. Voogie had no idea why she had a laser blade.

Since Voogie was standing in the middle of the street, a truck came by and almost hit her. Then to avoid the truck, Voogie jumped up.. and jumped over a building!

Voogie landed on the other side of the building, right in front of a taxi.

Myer: What happened!? A girl fell out of the sky.. They didn't say that would happen in the weather prediction.

Myer started to panic, and thought about some hospitals for Voogie, but Voogie was totally all right. Then Myer offered to give Voogie a ride home, and they got into the taxi.

Meanwhile the Angels were getting close to Voogie, and Rebecca got her laser rifle ready.

Shiori: Are you really going to use the laser rifle? According to Midi's data, she only has a laser blade.
Midi: There's no mistake, that's all she has.
Rebecca: This is just in case she resists. Usually I would use a bazooka or grenade launcher, but the doctor would get upset if I blew her to bits.
Shiori: You're very kind, Rebecca.
Rebecca: I don't have the psychic power like you. Also we can't fail. We can't let anyone know of our existence.

Then Merrybell and Midi found out that Voogie was getting farther away, as she got on the highway.

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