Dennou Sentai Voogie's Angel episode 4

Title Tanjou! Dennou Sentai!
[The Dennou Sentai is born!]
Aired never aired
CD Dennou Sentai Voogie's Angel volume 0 track 5
  • Summary version 1.0 by Hitoshi Doi, 1996.02.05
Voogie got mad at the Angels for injuring Myer.

Merrybell: She's got a very mean look on her face.
Shiori: Even if we told her that we are teammates, she won't believe us.
Rebecca: Midi, what's you're advice?
Midi: It's probably impossible to go to her and get her. It's impossible to measure her power. We have to convince her, or stop her.

Rebecca: Merrybell, wanna try to convince her?
Merrybell: That's..
Shiori: Rebecca, something's wrong.
Midi: Oh no, she's lost her balance of body and mecha. She's going wild.

Voogie pulled out her laser blade and came at the Angels. Rebecca fired, but Voogie was too fast.

Rebecca told Shiori to user her psychic power to hold Voogie. Shiori didn't want to use her power against a friend, but she did it anyway. Shiori's force field held Voogie still. Rebecca was going to shoot off Voogie's right knee, but Voogie was too strong and broke out of Shiori's force field.

Voogie attacked and cut Rebecca's rifle. Then Rebecca pulled out her blade and started fighting.

Merrybell: Please stop Voogie, we're friends.

But Voogie wasn't listening. Then Voogie attacked, and Shiori got injured protecting Merrybell.

Merrybell: Stop it, Rebecca, Voogie.

Voogie and Rebecca kept fighting. Then Merrybell screamed out, then went into mean mode.

Rebecca: Merrybell, calm down!
Merrybell: You're in my way, girl. If you don't want to die, get out of my way.
[a very cool and mean voice]
Merrybell used her comet attack to defeat Voogie.

[comet attack = Merrybell using her body as one huge energy ball to go crashing into the opponent]

Merrybell broke out of her spell. Voogie recovered too. Then Merrybell told her that they were her friends. Voogie couldn't understand what was happening.

Then the ambulance carrier came to pick up Myer. The badly injured Myer found out that Voogie was a cyborg. Voogie rushed to Myer.

Myer: Are you ok, Voogie?
Voogie: I'm fine.
Myer: I'm sorry for saying that I'll protect you.

Midi took Myer to Dr. Crimt's lab. Myer was badly injured, but it wasn't fatal. Just many bruises and broken bones and scrapes. But Myer said that he was going to die. At the last moment, Myer asked the doctor to make him into a cyborg, just like Voogie. The doctor insisted that he wasn't going to die. But Myer died!

Voogie was worried about Myer. Rebecca said that he would be ok. Voogie couldn't believe she was a cyborg.

Voogie said that she didn't have any of her memory. Shiori told her that everyone was like that.
Rebecca: So it won't get in the way of fighting.

Then Midi brought out the hyper vehicle Strikemyer. Merrybell said cute. Voogie said it was an ugly, mini tank. Then the tank spoke.

Strikemyer: I became this way to protect you.

Everyone was surprised that that tank had Myer's voice. Shiori asked why Strikemyer had his memory. Midi explained that Strikemyer was modified differently from the Angels.

Voogie cried, saying that it was her fault for him becoming this way.

Strikemyer: Don't worry about it. I wanted to be this way. We can be together from now on.
Voogie: You're so ugly and uncool.
Strikemyer: You don't have to say that much. I chose to be this way.
Voogie: You did? You're strange. Myer, you stupid!

Voogie kept crying.

Strikemyer: Hey calm down. Are you listening to me? Did I make a big mistake? Oh, what do I look like?

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