Dennou Sentai Voogie's Angel episode 5

Title Gekitotsu! Angel tai Angel
[Clash! Angel against Angel]
Aired 1996.01.07
CD Dennou Sentai Voogie's Angel volume 1 track 2
  • Summary version 1.0 by Hitoshi Doi, 1996.04.22
Voogie and Rebecca were running away from the enemy. But Voogie was very tired. They snuck into an alley after a long run through some open space.

Rebecca: If someone hadn't sneezed, we wouldn't have had to run a marathon in the dark.
Voogie: I'm sorry. I've been apologizing all this time.
Rebecca: You don't have enough tension. We're in the middle of a battle.
Voogie: It's not like that. Even if I'm a cyborg, I have to sneeze if I get dust in my nose.
Rebecca: In the middle of the battle, you're supposed to stop breathing. This is basic knowledge.
Voogie: I can't do that.
Rebecca: I'm serious. You're supposed to connect your oxygen tank directly to your lungs.
Voogie: Oxygen tank? I don't have one of those. If I had one I would use it. I don't think they have one either.
Rebecca: Oh, since I'm 90% machine, but you're not. Your respiratory system is still human.
Voogie: You're built a little differently from us.

Rebecca: Our enemy is an occult girl and a double personality girl. My partner has hay fever. I'm the only one who is normal.
Voogie: What are you saying? You're the gun maniac and fighting otaku!

Then Voogie noticed that the occult girl was trying to get inside her mind.

In another part of the uninhabited area, Shiori was using her psycho radar to try to locate Voogie and Rebecca. Merrybell was saying how great it was, but Shiori told Merrybell to keep quiet so she can concentrate. Then Shiori detected Voogie.

Shiori and Merrybell fired a missile at Voogie and Rebecca. Voogie and Rebecca couldn't escape, as Shiori and Merrybell were above them. Then Voogie started to return the psychic power at Shiori.

Shiori: Iya. Stop it. Iya, iya, iyaaaa.

Then Shiori fainted.

Rebecca: Voogie, what did you do?
Voogie: The only way to defeat that occult girl is the super ecchi (so ecchi that I can't say it with words) psycho power reflection.

Merrybell was trying to wake up Shiori.

Merrybell: Shiori, don't faint! I'll be all alone.

Then Voogie and Rebecca arrived at Merrybell's side. Rebecca said that she was going to use her grenade launcher at close range. Voogie couldn't believe it, but Rebecca told her that she was bluffing. Then Voogie pulled out her angel blade and started calling Merrybell names.

Then Merrybell couldn't take it any more and lost it.

Merrybell [in mean mode]: You did this to my partner. You're always teasing me.
Voogie: Calm down, were's friends aren't we? We give up.
Rebecca: Too late.

Then Merrybell used her comet attack. Both Voogie and Rebecca ran away at the last instant.

Voogie and Rebecca were running away, and Merrybell was going after them. Voogie said that they couldn't beat Merrybell, but Rebecca thought of a plan. She told Voogie to split up at the next intersection.

As they came to the intersection and split up, Rebecca yelled out: Voogie, what are you saying! Merrybell's hips are sagging!?
Voogie: What?
Merrybell: What! I won't forgive you Voogie!

Then Merrybell went after Voogie with her comet attack.

Voogie: Aa! Rebecca no baka!

But then Rebecca used her weapon against Merrybell and blasted her.

Strikemyer and Midi finally arrived at the scene. Midi asked Voogie if she was all right. Voogie was fine, but Merrybell was stuck to the wall with UBM cohesion bomb, which was so sticky that it wouldn't come off for three days.

Shiori had regained consciousness.

Voogie: Shiori, weren't you supposed to be unconscious?
Shiori: Eh? Ha, ha, ha.. Merrybell lost it so..

Voogie said that Rebecca had gone too far, but Rebecca said that if she hadn't done this, Voogie would have been killed.

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