Dennou Sentai Voogie's Angel episode 6

Title Mada Minu Chijou he
[To the Unseen Surface of the Earth]
Aired 1996.01.14
CD Dennou Sentai Voogie's Angel volume 1 track 3
  • Summary version 1.0 by Hitoshi Doi, 1996.04.22
Dr. Crimt asked Midi how the Angels were doing.

Midi: It's going well. Merrybell has the most destructive power when needed. But Rebecca has the best overall fighting ability. Also Shiori's psychic power is being developed.
Dr. Crimt: How about A5?
Midi: Voogie is very inconsistent, but sometimes she does unexpected things.
Dr. Crimt: That's fine. That's why I added her as a member.

Dr. Crimt: It's been 100 years since the humans have had to hide and live in the darkness of the ocean. But soon, this will end. It's time to regain the green land and blue sky.

Voogie: Throw away the rouge and pierce..
Rebecca: The steel body that was reborn..
Shiori: Putting a girl's prayers into the fist..
Merrybell: Release the pink blizzard of dreams..
Voogie: We are the dennou sentai..
Angels: Voogie's Angel!

Voogie: No, no!

Voogie was complaining that Shiori's voice was too low, and Merrybell wasn't putting enough into the pose.

Voogie: Listen, if our line doesn't go over well, we won't be able to fight well. So try your best.
Rebecca: This is stupid.
Voogie: What do you mean?
Rebecca: It's as I say.
Voogie: Are you saying that I'm stupid?
Rebecca: You said that we were going to practice, so I thought you were going to practice shooting. But this is just play acting like heros. I can't play around with you any more.
Merrybell: This isn't heros, we're playing heroines.
Voogie: We have to do this kind of training to build up our teamwork. Don't you understand?
Rebecca: No.
Voogie: You're such a gun maniac and fighting otaku.
Rebecca: It's better than being a party girl who wants to act like a hero.
Shiori: Stop it you two.

As Voogie and Rebecca were arguing, Midi came in told the Angels that they had received orders to go out to battle.

Their orders were to destroy the SE computer base Matchbox, which had a super computer that was used for the defense of the northern area. The Angels were going to ride in Strikemyer and land on an island that used to be called Japan.

While they where riding in Strikemyer, the Angels were getting excited about going to the surface.

Merrybell: This is the first time I'm going to the surface.
Voogie: Me too. I've never left Aquabase.
Merrybell: I wonder what kind of place it is. I wonder what color the real, non-holographic, sky is.
Shiori [seriously]: The battle against the SE has finally started.
Voogie: Did you say something, Shiori?
Shiori: The invaders that drove us down to the ocean. I wonder what kind of life form they are.
Voogie: I learned that they were humanoid, but maybe they have pointy ears.
Merrybell: Maybe they don't wear any clothes.
Voogie: It can't be. I bet they wear underwear.
Merrybell: Maybe it's a lacy scantie.
Rebecca [snapped at Voogie and Merrybell]: Stop it! This isn't a picnic. We're not going to play.

Rebecca: Midi, how are we going to get by the underwater defense systems that the SE have put up.

Strikemyer replied, and said that Dr. Crimt had made some changes in him. Then the alarms went off as they were nearing the SE's defenses. Strikemyer and Midi activated project Moby Dick. Strikemyer explained that he had been modified so that the SE's sonars couldn't tell the difference between him and a whale.

Midi: If we go as planned, we'll reach Matchbox in one hour. Please everyone listen to me.
Shiori: What happened, Midi?
Midi: This is a secret operation, but there is a chance that we will run into some SE. But no matter what you see, don't be surprised.
Voogie: What are you saying?
Midi: Please promise! No matter what, stay calm and do your mission.
Merrybell: Don't scare me. I'm easily frightened.
Rebecca: What's this about Midi?
Midi: You'll find out when you get there.

The Angels succeeded in reaching the beach. Merrybell was surprised that there was nothing there. Shiori said that this used to be a battlefield. Midi pointed out Matchbox in the distance. Then they noticed someone coming. The Angels hid and watched as the SE guards walked by.

After the SE left, the Angels were shocked.

Voogie: What was that? They're humans.
Midi: That's the SE.
Merrybell, Shiori, Voogie: What!?
Merrybell: It can't be.
Shiori: You're kidding, right?
Midi: No.
Merrybell: It can't be.
Voogie: Wait a second, no matter how you look at it, they're humans. They were wearing clothes, and their faces and bodies were just like humans. They were even speaking human language.
Midi: That's the SE?
Voogie: Is that possible!?

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