Dennou Sentai Voogie's Angel episode 7

Title Shouri no Yoake
[The Dawn of Victory.]
Aired 1996.01.28
CD Dennou Sentai Voogie's Angel volume 1 track 6
  • Summary version 1.0 by Hitoshi Doi, 1996.02.05
The SE (Space Emigrant) was the same as humans. They had the same appearance and the language was the same too. Shiori asked if Midi knew anything, but Midi didn't have any information.

Rebecca: Who cares what they are. The SE are invaders. Our duty is the same.
Midi: I feel that way too. We have to destroy their base Matchbox tonight.

The Matchbox side shutters opened. Midi explained that the air cleaning filters opened once every two years for three hours. The only way to destroy Matchbox was from the inside, and the only way to go inside was the front gate and the shutter. So if they didn't go now they would have to wait for two years.

Rebecca said that it was strange. There weren't any defenses, considering that this was a vital point. The sensors didn't detest any guard mechanisms. Midi thought that the SE must be careless because the humans hadn't come up to the surface of the earth for the last 30 years.

So Midi stayed in Strikemyer and the other Angels went off. When the shutters opened again, they jumped inside. It was a long tunnel.
Shiori: I hope we don't run into SE.
Voogie: It's creepy. They look like humans, but they aren't. It's just like cyborgs, like us.
Rebecca: You can go back if you want. They are invaders from space.
Voogie: Yeah, I know. But don't you feel anything when you kill a SE?
Rebecca: Of course not. Battle cyborgs don't need sympathy.
Voogie: You're such a cruel woman.

Then Shiori told Rebecca and Voogie to stop arguing.

Rebecca said that her body felt heavy. Merrybell also said that she felt tired.

Then Voogie's barrier sensor went off. The Angels were in a trap!

Voogie used her angel blade to fight off some defense robots. Rebecca fired with her rifle, but she wasn't making any hits. Voogie also noticed that her body wasn't moving as usual.

Midi then sent some data to Voogie. The corridor was filled with electric waves that messed up the mecha. Since Rebecca's body was mostly mecha, she was getting affected the most.

Then a robot beam was going to hit Rebecca. Just at the last moment, Voogie went to protect Rebecca and took the hit.

Shiori [yelled out]: Psycho barrier!

While Shiori was creating a barrier for the beam, Merrybell and Rebecca went to get Voogie.

Rebecca: Voogie, why did you do such a stupid thing?
Voogie: I'm sorry I'm stupid. You're my teammate.
Rebecca: Voogie!

Meanwhile Strikemyer and Midi were worried about Voogie.

Strikemyer: Let's go rescue Voogie.
Midi: You can't. If you go inside, you'll stop functioning too.
Strikemyer: It's ok. Stop all of my functions. I won't get affected if the functions are stopped. When we get Voogie, we'll escape with full power.
Midi: Ok.
Strikemyer: Don't die, Voogie.

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